The footbridge called HolKa in Karlín on the Rohanské nábřeží will lead to a cycle path leading along the flood barrier. Representatives of the capital and real estate company CA Immo, which owns land ownership on the Karlín side of the River City Prague project, have agreed on the property conditions for the location of the footbridge and on cooperation during the project implementation. CA Immo plans to connect to this important city-wide crossroads of walking and cycling routes both in the direction south to Karlín, where a park with public greenery will be created, and by revitalizing the river bank as part of the Karlínská náplavka project.

"Mutual agreement with private investors and a common interest in the locality is the basis for a successful transformation of the territory. And this does not only apply to the footbridge between Holešovice and Karlín, as is the case in this case, but everywhere. Thanks to the HolKa footbridge, the people of Karlín will reach the gates of the Holešovice market in a few minutes. It will also speed up the journey for the people of Žižkov. Its location is connected to the Vítkov tunnel. It's great that we will also get a new barrier-free access to the island of Štvanice, which is waiting for a complete transformation, "said the Deputy Mayor of Prague. of the City of Prague for transport Adam Scheinherr.

"We are very pleased that the city has decided to implement the HolKa footbridge project and that we can build on it on the Karlín side by improving the riverside area and community park. In the future, these public spaces will not only allow connecting pedestrians in the direction of Karlínské náměstí, but will also be the venue for many cultural, sports and gastronomic events and an attractive place for leisure activities for local residents, residents and neighborhoods. City Prague, "said Václav Jonáš, Director of CA Immo in the Czech Republic.

The place, which will become a community park in the future and also an important link between Prague 7 and Prague 8, has been revived by the River Rink winter ice rink since the beginning of December. Currently, there are also trails for runners, cyclists and skaters. An artificial river surf wave with a view of Prague Castle will then be created on the nearby old canal on Štvanice.

The construction of the HolKa footbridge should start this winter and last 14 months. The construction for the city will be carried out by Skanska, which won the tender. Upon completion, the entire structure will span the 38-meter-long Vltava between Karlín and Štvanice and 149 meters between Štvanice and Holešovice. The bridge will make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to travel to the island of Štvanice and will be another connection between the city districts, which since 2015 has also been provided by the HolKa river ferry. The author of the footbridge is the architect Petr Tej.