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Czechs copy their office keys and tell their colleagues the password for their work computers

- 53% of Czechs trust their colleagues and do not lock their personal belongings in the workplace - At the same time, 10% of employees encountered theft or loss of personal valuables in the workplace - Every ninth person copied his job keys Hundreds of thousands of Czechs spend their working hours in offices and often store personal belongings and money in their desks. Do they trust their colleagues? How often do they lose their job keys? And do they prefer cards or fingerprint to enter work? This was investigated by a survey prepared by IPSOS for ASSA ABLOY.

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4 trends of office buildings in the near future

What will office and administrative buildings look like in a few years' time? What we know for sure is that they will be smart. They will save energy, they will be equipped with modern technologies, but you will also find in them original solutions of green roofs or facades or light guides. The office environment needs to adapt to the needs of the millennium generation who are sensitive to such solutions. A flawless safety solution will then be necessary.

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Office market still in good shape, large space for new projects

The office market in the Czech Republic is currently doing very well and has great potential for further development. Its excellent condition is shown by several parameters that real estate consulting company Cushman & Wakefield has been monitoring for a long time and whose correct interpretation in relation to current results brings.

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The summit of architecture and development will also welcome the renowned architect Bofill, author of several buildings in the Czech Republic

In addition to the previously announced icons of world architecture, the Summit of Architecture and Development on September 26, 2019 in Prague will also welcome the renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. He is known to the Czech public mainly as the author of office buildings in Karlín, Prague, where he designed both stages of conversion of industrial buildings to the administrative center Corso Karlín (I and II) or a unique conversion of the former Karlín boiler plant into a multifunctional complex known as Karlín Forum.

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Savills was entrusted with the administration of Harrachov Palace in the center of Prague

Savills, a commercial real estate advisory company, has been named HERITAGE REAL ESTATES as the manager of Harrachov Palace, a large complex of five interconnected buildings in the center of Prague, since August 2019.

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We already know what people in the office want and need

After flexibility and coworking, this year will be the topic of the third annual TechoCon 2019 Well-being & Sustainability conference. We asked Milan Začal, co-founder of TechoCon and sales manager of TECHO for details of the September event, which #MORETHANOFFICE media supports.

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Interview: Vladimír Borovička

The interior of Říčany, a producer of office furniture and interior implementer, will open a new showroom in Prague. Interview with Vladimír Borovička, Director of Sales Sales on Trends in Office Furniture Market.

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Where can i see the uploaded news and transactions?

The uploaded news appear in the news box of the start page, on the datasheet of the connected office building and on the company datasheet of our Partner, if any. The transactions appear in the Transaction menu of the portal, on the datasheet of the connected office building and on the company datasheet of our Partner, if any.

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How can I delete an already added parameter?

After logging in the added parameters can be deleted from their own platform, select the parameter then push delete.

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Compare Office Buildings

You can select offices to compare and list their differences.

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