“From the very beginning, our intention was to open this beautiful place along the Vltava River and those who do not just come to work here. And the new park was a great solution. It is here that people can meet, children can play and everyone can find their bit of peace, "comments Václav Jonáš, director of CA Immo in the Czech Republic, and continues: With a gourmet shop and other businesses will gradually increase. In the autumn, a restaurant with a large outdoor garden and a view will open, right next to the event with a bar and a rich cultural program. Refreshments, cultural and sports accompanying program. You will dance or play football in the summer River River, then you will skate or go to stand-up in winter. Only about 40,000 people from all over Prague and the second winter season only visited our ice rink and the second winter season for the second winter season Children from the surrounding kindergartens and primary schools come here for free. "

The Riverside Karlín project consists of five buildings: Danube House, Nile House, Amazon Court, Mis-Sissippi House and Missouri Park, the last two of which were completed two years ago. All buildings achieve the highest standards of sustainability and together provide 85,000 m2 of premium office space. In addition to the aforementioned park, Riverside Karlín also has its own kindergarten as a much -needed service not only for working from adjacent offices, but also for families from Karlín and its surroundings. In the future, there is a further expansion of services that have been missing in the locality. Everything will be available in one place.


About ca immmo
Ca Immo is an investor, asset manager and developer specializing in large, modern office properties in the metropolitan cities of Germany, Austria and Central Europe. The company covers a wide value chain in commercial real estate and has extensive internal expertise in the field of construction. CA IMMO, founded in 1987, is caught on the ATX Vienna Stock Exchange and has immovable assets worth approximately EUR 5.6 billion in Germany (67 %), Austria (6 %) and roof