The prestigious accreditation testifies to the project team's commitment to building a sustainable building, reducing resource consumption and carbon emissions, and creating a healthy work environment.

BREEAM is a leading international method of assessing the sustainability of buildings using third-party audit and certification, ensuring that certified buildings are the best examples of environmentally friendly construction in a global context.

"We are pleased to have been able to obtain BREEAM accreditation at the 'Outstanding' level. We are proud of everyone who has contributed to this success,” said James Woolf, Founder and CEO of Flow East.

"From the very beginning, this certification scheme has helped us achieve our sustainable goals. And even now, as we enter the building's operational phase, we are committed to ensuring that sustainability remains a priority for this beautiful building, as well as for Flow East as a whole. ”

Key elements of The Flow Building's sustainability include excellent public transport accessibility, inclusive and easy-to-understand design, flexible floor areas, 56 charging stations for electric cars, bicycle storage and changing rooms, a high proportion of natural daylight in offices, automatic shading of exterior facades and internal UV protection. A range of intelligent green technologies ensures a high standard of user comfort, a healthy environment, long-term cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

The Flow Zone social space available to all of them on the roof terrace, which provides exceptional spaces for work and relaxation and a breathtaking view of Prague, also contributes to the overall well-being of the building's tenants.


The Flow Building

represents a combination of unique 21st century design and the latest technical solutions. The advantages of the project are large flexible spaces and a large amount of natural daylight. The building was designed to offer passive methods to reduce tenants' energy consumption. The project seeks to obtain a BREEAM "Outstanding" rating.

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