Why this pair of topics: Well-being & Sustainability?

TechoCon's core theme is the offices of the future. We respond to innovations and trends that are closely related to commercial interiors and living in them.

The first year was devoted to innovations, technological gadgets, which make work easier and improve the quality and use of the working environment. The second year we focused on community and socialization in the working environment, ie coworking.

And this year we will deal with the most important: an individual, his / her personal well-being, needs, perception and relationship to the surrounding environment.

Milan Začal, co-founder of TechoCon and senior sales manager at Techo

How do you explain that you only got to the attention of developers, architects or designers now?

Man has always been the center of attention. The measure of everything is and always will be just human. Rather, the question might be, why do we focus so much on man and his well-being today?

How do you answer that question?

To some extent this is due to the evolution of mankind, a new generation comes with a different view of life and lifestyle, which is more aware of the consequences of its actions and impacts on the environment. They live healthy, do sports, travel and want to enjoy more of what they are. And the working environment must meet these needs.

If the focus is now on man and his well-being, what was the focus of attention earlier?

In a nutshell, earlier (a few decades back) employees were seen as a working tool rather than an element of development and innovation. Today it is just the opposite. Machines and automation replace and already replace routine work activities, and one does sophisticated work. And when we ask who will be more productive and innovative? It can be said with certainty that it will not be physically and mentally overloaded.

Complicated beings

How would you define well-being in one sentence?

Subjectively and objectively well-lived and fulfilled life in all its aspects, such as quality social relations and their development, a sense of security and financial security, to be physically and mentally fit, but above all the meaningfulness of their actions.

So it turns out that design offices are not really important and other factors such as work-life balance, meaningful work or team well-being are decisive?

All of this must be in balance and go of course hand in hand. Humans are enormously complicated beings and cannot be abbreviated. The employee deserves comprehensive care. Even before, it was, though perhaps more by trial and error. Nowadays, we already know with hard data what people in the office want and need. We know what is important and what is not - the office environment has to be solved comprehensively.


What is going on for this year's TechoCon 2019 visitors?

In addition to the keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and booths of our Premium partners, we will also be presenting the Creative stage this year, featuring architects and people directly related to the practice and design of office space. In short formats of 20 frames in 20 seconds, they will present their concrete solutions in office buildings and interiors in selected projects.

Who of the speakers can people look forward to?

TechoCon is a platform with a global reach, featuring world-class experts from various disciplines, including Leon Jakimič - the visionary and founder of LASVIT, the king of Czech glass, Michiel Hofman - the leader of European architecture, Eva Le Peutrec, skyscraper architect and many others. . But be surprised by conferences.

Source: www.morethanoffice.eu