"From great gratitude to God for his gift of salvation and eternal life, we try to construct our buildings so that it brings both glory to the heavenly Father and a friendly environment to people. It is only a great grace of God that motivates us to invest these amounts into creating a beautiful and sustainable atmosphere, going much further than the often hypocritical agenda of the ESG and the “green deal”. In the almost quarter of a century when we have been gradually turning a once unsightly brownfield into the representative and sustainable urban neighbourhood of Brumlovka, we have often been convinced that it is the non-commercial investments that shape and add value to the area. BB Centrum can serve as an example of a successful project that has not been without God's help and has contributed more than 50 billion crowns to the state budget after the inclusion of multiplication effects,” said Radim Passer, the founder and CEO of Passerinvest Group, a.s.

A number of building modifications took place in BB Centrum in 2020 and 2021.

Želetavska Street underwent a complete revitalisation and it has become closer to a pedestrian zone functionally. The original asphalt was replaced by the Prague mosaic on the pavements and by stone paving on the streets, which allow the rainwater to infiltrate into the lower soil layers, do not accumulate heat in the summer months and, at the same time, are more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the traffic has become generally calmer and pedestrian safety has improved. New rest and relaxation elements were also installed, especially wooden benches in the pedestrian part of the street. The space was complemented by mature trees, which creates pleasant shade in the summer months. Within the framework of the revitalisation, a brand-new relaxation space for the public went up between Building D and Villas, which naturally connects to Baar Park. An open gazebo with loungers and seating, which is made of natural materials, provides pleasant nooks, especially in the summer months.

As part of the improvement of pedestrian safety in the complex and driver comfort, a new turning lane was built in Václava Sedláčka Street and protective columns were installed on the pavement along Vyskočilova Street.

New relaxation zones were built in the vicinity of the newly-reconstructed Building B. Náměstí Ellen G. Whiteová Square spreads out before its main entrance, with benches, mature trees and a water fountain. The establishment of a new and publicly-accessible atrium, complemented by park furniture designed for both relaxation and work outside the office, was also part of the reconstruction. In addition to the wooden surfaces intended for seating, the inner courtyard also includes a water feature and rich greenery. A new large and safe staircase to the footbridge for pedestrians over Vyskočilova Street was created between Building B and Building A. Benches were placed under the footbridge, allowing users to be protected from rain or bright sun while waiting for the bus, and also a mirror showing whether the bus is approaching the stop around the corner. Benches were also placed at other bus stops. In addition, some of them are newly supplemented with roofs which, in addition to practical advantages, prove that modern and attractive stops for urban public transport can be made today. Passerinvest Group has been managing parks and other public spaces for a long time and it is therefore natural that new practical and relaxing features have also been added to Náměstí Brumlovka, where swings, tables with high stools and loungers can be used. The green areas in the parks are continuously being revitalised, the dog meadow in Brumlovka Park has been supplemented with new agility elements, a mist machine has been added to the children's zone and the outdoor athletic stadium has also been improved. In Baar Park, the wood/plastic planks were replaced by the Prague mosaic and tropical wood. 


In the spring of 2020, Passerinvest Group also invested into a new work of art. David Černý's moving art installation named Brouk (Beetle), located in front of the Alpha building at the exit from the Prague ring road, resembles the legendary Porsche 911 and has become an original welcoming element that attracts visitors from all over Prague.

In addition to the exterior modifications, several renovations took place within the buildings in the complex. The fitness and wellness centre Balance Club Brumlovka underwent a complete renovation. Visitors are already using the new 25 m swimming pool and the hot tub, the brand-new sauna zone, the renovated dressing rooms including social facilities and the new reception. Further modifications were made to the entrance lobby of the Filadelfie building that opened towards the shopping arcade, was equipped with new furniture and richly supplemented with greenery, especially in the form of vertical gardens. In the Beta building, there is a new inner staircase and greenery in the atrium. Shading pergolas were installed and greenery added to the green rooftop terrace of the Alpha building.

As part of its projects, Passerinvest Group invests in regularly organised events open to the general public free of charge in addition to the usual investments into the development of the premises. There are all kinds of food festivals, educational and sports events, exhibitions or events for children, which are also being held this year.