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Developers expect a significant decline in the supply of industrial properties, and negative figures will come in Prague and regions

While in 2019 the supply of industrial properties will still be at the level of stagnation (growth of 1.1 percent in the regions, decline of 0.6 percent in Prague), it will fall significantly in the long run to negative figures. Growth in demand will continue to exceed supply, although developers predict a downward trend. The driving force of demand is currently the need for companies to expand their production area and seek better conditions.

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Inspiration: DELTA has designed an administrative and laboratory building entirely made of wood

The Wood Building Award for 2018 was awarded in Lower Austria; DELTA and SWAP (the Architects' Association) won first place in the "public buildings" category for the IFA Tulln office and laboratory building made of wood as much as possible. For DELTA and SWAP, this was not the first success they celebrate together. They also recently won a similar award in the field of timber construction for the design and construction of the BOKU University of Humanities and Natural Resources in Vienna.

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The search for the best environmental projects continues. Sign in, time is running out

The 11th edition of the E.ON Energy Globe will once again reward ecological, energy-saving or otherwise innovative projects. Also this year, participants can submit their projects to six different categories, which are slightly different from last year. Signing ends in 14 days.

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American giant TPG bought Czech warehouses. He is preparing another billion investment in the Czech Republic

American investment giant TPG Capital bought a majority stake in the portfolio of modern warehouses and production halls of the domestic developer Contera. The value of the property sold is CZK 2.4 billion. At the same time, TPG and Contera have set up a joint venture to acquire and build other projects in Central Europe.

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Discover Design & Build - CAPEXUS is a new product

Have you ever heard of Design & Build? This adds a completely different dimension to the design, implementation and delivery of the interior. CAPEXUS is introducing a new feature that will save your business operating costs and increase user comfort.

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Every employee has to come to their offices in the offices, says architect Karel Loupal from CBRE

People spend much of their lives in buildings. At present, this trend is strengthening and the city centers are even more concentrated. This brings with it a number of pitfalls, architects must also reckon with the social impacts of their designs, says Karel Loupal, Senior Architect at CBRE. CBRE organizes the Meeting Room of the Year contest , whose media partner is the E15 server.

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Interview of Filippo Rean, director of the real estate division of Reed MIDEM - MIPIM and MAPIC markets.

With his expertise, he speaks to us about his vision of PropTech and enlightens us on the trends to follow.

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Who can post Office Adwords?

Each office building, office market company, who aims to advertise itself efficiently.

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Where can the company sign in?

Through the LogIn module on the right top of the portal.

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What is a Sublease Office and what are its advantages?

Tenants often measure poorly their own space requirements, which may change significantly due to the effect of the current economic situation or the strategy of the mother company. When bigger office spaces are released the best solution could be to sublease. At the same time it is worth to know that circumstances of subletting are often controlled and conditioned by the owner. In Western Europe the sublease rent practice is more popular than in the Central-Eastern European countries. The sub-lessee can take advantage not only from the favorable price but also of not having to commit themselves for at least 5 years in this uncertain market environment but only until the end of the remaining rental period. This is a great opportunity for those small businesses who do not want to commit themselves for a long period. It is important to know that unlike the general office market offers, these sublease possibilities are not publicly advertised but are only available through real estate brokers and advisers. The advisers, having extensive market knowledge, help to find the balance between the sub-lessor and subtenant, creating favorable contract conditions for both parties.

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