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Skanska’s new building Five in Smíchov has been awarded the LEED Platinum certificate

The administrative building Five is yet another building from the portfolio of Skanska Property to boast the LEED Platinum certificate for Core & Shell. Five has been awarded with 89 points, which according to available data is the highest score in the field of speculative development in the Czech Republic.

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Skanska starts the construction of Praga Studios

The new administrative building of Skanska Property is starting to grow in the Prague district of Karlín. The company has taken on the realisation of an ambitious project called Praga Studios which will transform the place of the former Praga car repair shop not just into a business site. The modern office building with advanced technologies and services will also offer a background for culture.

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Helmfon - a unique device which fully blocks outside and inside sound waves

Helmfon is a device in a form of helmet, which thanks to the system of active sound absorption allows to concentrate in open working spaces. Because of the special absorption features, this helmet fully reflects the outside sound waves and thus makes the process of working comfortable, with no outside noise. In addition to it, the helmet blocks the Helmfon noise to outside surroundings and thus people, who sit near the Helmfon user don’t experience any discomfort of hearing unimportant sounds.  Helmfon was designed and developed by Ukrainian design company Hochu rayu, whose main idea was to create a tool, which helps to fully concentrate on working project, get some personal space and doesn't allow office noise kill person’s productiveness.

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You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

How can i upload picture to the office building?

You can easily do that in the useradmin platform, after clicking on the menu My buildings you need to select the office building to which you would like to upload picture and choose in the Edit profile the Media button and upload picture.

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How much the company registration costs?

According to the companies needs 2 different packages are available.

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Who can post it?

Everybody can publish office search needs on our portal, you only need to register.

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