Safely to the offices: AFI Europe is the first in the country to introduce a unique system that eliminates airborne viruses with 99.8% efficiency against SARS-COV-2

The developer AFI Europe, which has so far implemented three phases of the Classic 7 Business Park administrative center in the field of office real estate, AFI Karlín, AFI Vokovice and AFI City 1, has decided to take a major step in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and in protecting its tenants. It is newly installing a unique system of Global Plasma Solutions (hereinafter referred to as GPS) in the common areas of its office buildings, whose patented technology based on bipolar plasma ionization effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses in the interior of buildings, including elevators. For SARS-COV-2, tests have even shown 99.8% efficacy. The same system is already used abroad, for example, by the White House - the seat of American presidents in Washington, Harvard University or Google.

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