"The covid-19 pandemic significantly affected not only the functioning of the whole society but also changed the usual rhythm in office centers. The previously sought-after benefit in the form of work at the home office has become a bit of a Danish gift after almost a year of continuous use. Most employees struggle with balancing work and private life, lacking social interaction and the possibility of personal cooperation with colleagues. Companies are concerned that the long-term lack of mutual meeting and transfer of knowledge and experience could negatively affect their success in the market," comments Doron Klein, AFI Europe's Director for the Czech Republic, adding: "Given the current situation, which has not improved in the long run, we have decided to take an active and radical approach to the whole problem and to support our tenants, their employees and partners with this effective solution. Personally, I believe that it will contribute to the safe return of employees back to the offices, as well as to their better physical and mental well-being."

Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization (NPBI) technology provides continuous protection of air and surfaces against viruses, bacteria, dust and odors, which can be immediately installed in an existing air conditioning system. The technology produces positive and negative ions into the air stream blown into the interior of the air conditioner, that bind to pathogens and gases. They then rob the life-sustaining hydrogen and thus kill them. All this without overproduction of harmful ozone. The American GPS system, with more than 11 years of market experience and 300,000 implementations worldwide, is environmentally friendly and certified for safe use in commercial and residential areas. It is typically used at airports, hospitals, but also in some schools and hotels. It is gradually being introduced by progressive companies such as Google, Siemens, etc. AFI Europe is the first company to install this system in the Czech Republic.


Source:// AFI Europe