"After the start of construction of our domestic flagship project for rental housing AFIHOME Karlín, the year 2022 will be the second milestone for us and in a way a real start in the implementation of our new strategy. This year, the approval of three AFIHOME rental projects is expected - Karlín in Prague 8, Třebešín in Prague 3, where we plan to open a model apartment, and Kolbenova in Prague 9, where the first of two buildings will be completed. The houses will come to life soon after with the arrival of new residents and we will take care of their satisfaction and the overall management of the premises, "comments Doron Klein, AFI Europe Director for the Czech Republic.

Last year, AFI Europe also worked to protect the health of its tenants in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In its administrative centers Classic 7 Business Park, AFI Karlín, AFI Vokovice and AFI City 1, it installed a system from Global Plasma Solutions, whose patented technology based on bipolar plasma ionization effectively kills bacteria and viruses indoors, including elevators. For SARS-COV-2, tests have even shown 99.8% efficiency. This system has also gained positive references abroad, where it is used, for example, by the White House - the seat of American presidents in Washington, Harvard University or Google.