"Wolt needed to expand, unfortunately there was no room for that in the current building. Together we managed to find an ideal solution in the form of the Bubenská 1 Palace, the reconstruction of which we are currently completing. It suits to Wolt not only due to the size of its offices, but also due to its strategic location near the metro and tram and, last but not least, thanks to the bike shed for its couriers,” says David Votřel, asset management manager for the office segment at CPI Property Group.

The Kantar agency will move a total of three branches to Holešovice, one of which has so far been housed in another building from the CPIPG portfolio, Meteor Center Office Park. The Bubenská Kantar Palace occupies almost 2,400 m2. At present, the detailed specification of future offices is being completed, which the owner will prepare for the client according to his ideas and requirements.

Bubenská Palace 1, view from the floor

“The listed Bubenská 1 is a brilliant place, it has an incredible atmosphere and possibilities. Thanks to the reconstruction, during which the most modern technical equipment was installed inside, sensitively connected with the original elements, it also meets the highest demands on the quality of offices. It also has great accessibility, all of which makes it an ideal workplace. It is therefore not surprising that before it is even possible to move to offices, they are completely rented. We are convinced that the tenants and their employees will be thrilled in the palace," says David Votřel.

At the moment, only retail units on the ground floor and basement of the building remain to be rented in the building.

About CPI Property Group

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