"This will be the center of gastronomy. The French restaurant La Gare will be located on one side, and the pizzeria L'Osteria on the other," says Penta's director of commercial construction, Pavel Streblov, on the ground floor of the two completed buildings near Masaryk railway station. The center, which is named "Prague Central Business District" and "Masaryčka A" on the map, will have shops, restaurants, cafes or an ice cream parlor on two floors. The rest of the buildings will be offices.

Businesses will enliven the pass between the two buildings. The floors of the buildings are separated from each other, which creates enough space on the ground floor and allows light to penetrate there. "The individual floors rotate away from each other and thereby create vertical dynamics and headroom. The space between the two buildings thus has the character of a small square. It is a new place to stay and also a signpost that directs passengers to the train platforms or to the footbridge with the residential roof that connects Na Florenci and Hybernská Streets," describes Jakub Klaska, who participated in the design of the buildings as a studio architect.

Office spaces are already prepared on the remaining floors. What remains is to fine-tune their design and equipment, which each company can adapt according to its needs. Penta Real Estate and Penta companies themselves will also move here
Investments, which until now were based in Florentin, opposite. The best office will be for the head of the company, it will provide him with a panoramic view of Prague.

Na Florenci Street will turn into a boulevard with trees and cafe tables. The developer wants to slow down traffic in it in cooperation with the city. "The street will be a new residential center where pedestrians and cyclists will have priority. Traffic here should slow down to 30 kilometers per hour," adds Streblov, who is in charge of project implementation.

These days, the roofs of buildings are planted with trees and greenery. In the final stage, the facade will be covered in the characteristic specially treated zinc, which will give the building a golden shine. Take a walk with us through the buildings designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. We went through them from the ground floor to the roof.