The rebranding and reconstruction of the building on Karlov náměstí concerns retail and office spaces and architectural modifications with the installation of a new logo and brand identity.

The administrative and business center "Karlák Shopping Square" (formerly Charles Square Center) is getting a new face in the form of complete rebranding, architectural modifications and reconstruction of retail and office spaces, including a modernized logo. Office tenants in the building include Phillip Morris, Cisco, DIOR, Commerzbank and Moët Hennesy. Newly arrived retail tenants include, for example, McDonald's or Fruitisimo. The building is owned by the German company KGAL, which focuses on asset and investment management and is also the initiator of the entire project. The leasing of office space and the management of the building are sponsored by Savills, which also carried it through the certification process at the BREEAM In-Use Excellent level in 2021. CBRE, which is also redeveloping the Karlák Shopping Square building, takes care of the leasing of retail space and project management.

"We are very pleased with how the project is progressing. Meeting the demands of the tenants while increasing the quality of the building is a challenging process, but every party involved is passionate and works at the highest professional level. The key to success is a high degree of cooperation between all involved. In the end, it's very rewarding to see how all the pieces fit together like a game of Tetris," comments Jessica Zeitler, Asset Manager at KGAL.

New and long-term tenants underline the attractiveness and interest in Karlák Shopping Square

"We have recently brokered a lease for two attractive gastro brands, namely the fruit bar Fruitisimo and the popular McDonald's, whose space with an area of ​​more than 300 m2 will connect the inner gallery with the busy area in front of the multifunctional center," says Jan Janáček, Head of Retail Sector at CBRE , and adds: "Among the long-term tenants is the Billa supermarket, the larger formats also include the Teta drugstore and the popular John Reed fitness center concept." In addition, the center is awaiting other changes - these relate to future and existing tenants. An example is the store of the Don Pealo chain, which will move to new premises. Leases of space for a renowned international bakery brand and a chain of vegan and vegetarian restaurants are also in the advanced stages of negotiations.

Pavel Novák, Head of Office Agency at Savills, adds: "Office buildings in the center of Prague are always attractive for companies due to their convenient location. In the case of this building, they also appreciate the services provided within the shopping gallery, the accessibility directly to the metro and perhaps even the views

from the top floors. It was these factors, among others, that led to the extension of contracts with long-term tenants. For example, Philip Morris rents almost 3,500 m² and Cisco 2,800 m² here."

Architectural changes, redesign and rebranding

"As part of the reconstruction, the owner plans to modify the facade of the center. The proposal respects the existing form of the building and is based on the simplicity of its architecture. Rebranding is definitely an integral part. The design of the logos of individual tenants and the department store as such will be unified, and large-scale advertising and colorful stickers will be removed," explains Anna Pospíchalová, an architect in the Building Consultancy department at CBRE.

The goal is to calm the visual image of the building in the public space and at the same time promote the visibility of the entrances to the center, mainly to its commercial part. Access to the office premises is deliberately suppressed. The facade will be complemented by high-quality materials, among which stand out the black matte glass framing the portal of the entrance to the department store and the mirror perforated stainless steel sheet used for the soffit of the space. Light, both natural and artificial, is also an important element.

"Transformation awaits units of new and existing tenants. This is, for example, the creation of Shell & Core space for the McDonald's fast food chain and other gastronomic operators. Together with the owner, we want to make the most of the site's potential, revitalize the multifunctional center even from the street and thus attract as many visitors as possible," says Barbara Jesenská, project manager in the Building Consultancy department at CBRE.

Light as a key element of redesign

A new lighting system will be introduced in the building, which will respond to natural light and improve the overall atmosphere of the environment. The new installation is designed to eliminate unwanted glare and excess light, which will help minimize disturbing differences in brightness and contrast when transitioning from exterior to interior. The result will be a more pleasant space that better respects the surrounding environment. Another positive aspect will be the maximum use of the center's potential. The new lighting will make it possible to better highlight and present the offered products and services. In addition, it will promote sales and attract more customers to enjoy and explore the range in the retail section. This will create room for increased sales and the success of the new Karlák. Overall, the reconstruction of the multifunctional center will bring positive changes in the cleanliness of the visual environment and the use of its potential.