"The completion of the building, which was achieved despite the current coronavirus pandemic without any complications and on time, is a significant milestone in the implementation of the entire AFI City project. The elegant high-rise building has become not only a significant landmark of Vysočany, but also a representative entrance gate to the newly built multifunctional district. Together with six apartment buildings and a large public park, which we have recently completed, our vision of transforming a previously neglected area into an attractive Prague location is gradually becoming a reality,” comments Doron Klein, AFI Europe Director for the Czech Republic.

The AFI City 1 building is full of interesting architectural and design elements. The main entrance from Kolbenova Street is dominated by a distinctive awning, which represents a steel structure suspended on rods with glazing accentuating the motif of intersecting slats. It is also reflected on the entire southern façade, which rises in height and gives the building not only a characteristic expression, but also serves as an effective shading. Although the slats may seem random at first glance, they are a thoughtful combination of repetitive modules, the dimensions and placement of which allow each module to be removed separately and then reinserted. The side facades combine glazed and solid parts in the form of vertical strips, while the cladding cassettes are provided with a special white color with a pearlescent effect, thanks to which the building glitters gently in the sun. The rear façade towards the AFI City complex is fully glazed and has integrated ventilation flaps allowing natural ventilation.

Upon entering the interior, each visitor will immediately notice the gear motif, which occupies the entire main wall of the reception hall. The work by the Czech artist Ivan Komárek recalls the industrial past of Vysočany, which is reflected in its unique genius loci. The majestic entrance hall in which it is located extends to a height of two floors. It is glazed on all sides and full of daylight. The walls are lined with white tinted glass and, together with the white grid of the ceiling, contrast with the dark black ceramic tiles. The reception desk is located on the side of the building so as to leave space for sitting between pillars made of exposed concrete.

At the back of the ground floor facing the park is 300 m2 reserved for a future restaurant, which will also offer outdoor seating. Inside the tower are three underground floors reserved for parking and storage space, sixteen above-ground floors are designed for modern offices. The individual floors allow a flexible arrangement from approx. 300 to 900 m2. The building is served by six high-speed elevators. At the very top is a 150 m2 large roof terrace, which is accessible to all tenants and opens up a wide view of the surroundings, including Prague Castle. Around the tower there is a public space interwoven with sidewalks with lots of greenery, which is followed by a park completed in spring.


The extensive AFI City project is being created on the territory of the former ČKD Slévárny a Moury industrial area in Vysočany, Prague. The revitalization of the 15-hectare area provides for a total of 110,000 m2 of office, retail and accommodation space and 40,000 m2 of residential space. The common intention of the developer and the architects was to design not only interestingly designed buildings, but also to create a public space for relaxation and meetings. For this purpose, a large park with an area of ​​7,500 m2 with a lot of greenery, landscaped sidewalks, a cycle path and seating areas was created in AFI City.



Source: // Večerní Praha