According to the Commercial Register, Gemini has been the 100% owner of Technopark One, which owns the building, since the end of August. This network of modern eye clinics was started in 2003 by a 56-year-old ophthalmologist.

It is not yet clear what his healthcare company is buying with a building in one of the best-developed commercial areas in the metropolis. The pioneer in the field of eye surgery in the Czech Republic and, among others, EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in the Zlín Region did not respond to questions from the Forbes editorial office.

The office complex with almost 9,000 square meters, in which, in addition to Commerzbank, leases premises such as Stock or Škoda Transportation, has so far belonged to the ICP investment group.

No party wanted to comment on the transaction price. However, it can be assumed that it should be somewhere below the limit of half a billion crowns. When the administrative center was bought by the ICP in 2018, it paid over 300 million for it. Since then, however, real estate values ​​have risen significantly.

ICP, owned by Ondřej David, whose portfolio includes not only real estate but also window manufacturers Vekra and Otherm, has started the sale to raise capital for other projects, especially in the USA, where it is strengthening its presence. However, he will not leave the Technopark completely, he will continue to manage the complex.

"Over the course of three years, we have invested in the development of Technopark so that it fulfills its potential as a top building in a strategic location. We really appreciate the trust, thanks to which we will be able to continue to use the experience gained as administrators, "comments Ondřej David.