The new location is located in the Dock In Five building of the extensive Crestyl complex. The dock opens from the Palmovka subway to the cross-country and cycling routes leading from Libno through Holešovice, Troja to Stromovka. "We chose Dock because of one of the best locations in Prague. Right next to the Vltava, close to nature, yet at the public transport intersection and a few minutes to the center. The Dock location is full of life and has an extremely rich community amenity that is not only about restaurants and coffee shops, but also fitness centers and other practical businesses such as a roastery, a dry cleaner and more,” says Adam Zvada, CEO and founder of Scott.Weber Workspace .

Wellbeing, enough light and plants have been proven to increase productivity

Scott.Weber interiors are developed and designed in accordance with the strictest Well certification. It focuses on the quality of the internal environment of office spaces in order to increase the satisfaction and productivity of employees. Among the aspects assessed are, for example, the quality of air, water, the amount of light, natural plants and also the environment for physical and mental well-being.

The Dock also meets the highest Leed Gold certification for building sustainability. It is confirmation that buildings are designed with energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and indoor quality in mind. "When we choose future spaces, the one well-known variable 'location, location, location' no longer applies. Today, we also have to assess the quality of the building and interior spaces, and especially the civic amenities in the building and the immediate surroundings. We are in 'A' buildings that meet the strictest criteria in the area of sustainability, environmental impact and quality of work space for employees. Today, this plays an important role. And in the case of the Dock complex, there are also excellent amenities in terms of restaurants, cafes, fitness, shops and other daily services," explains Adam Zvada.

Employees need more informal rooms for collaboration and concentration

The demands and demands of companies and their employees are changing at an ever-increasing speed. "What was considered optimal last year is no longer sufficient today. An example is the number of call boxes, focus rooms and other spaces where people have privacy, for example for calls and one-to-one meetings," says Ivana Ludvíková, Head of Design at Scott.Weber Workspace. Also for that reason, companies in the Dock location will have 10 meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 20 people available. In addition, there will be another 10 rooms for online calls and quick meetings, or perhaps space for calm focused work or brainstorming.

Similarly, the requirements for the involvement of employees in social life are growing. "Our values also include commitment and connectedness. For our clients, we organize professional events and fun events, where companies can present themselves, get to know each other or people can react differently. Thanks to our connectivity, media-interesting ideas and opportunities have already arisen here. Not only does it lead to the overall satisfaction of employees and employers," adds Adam Zvada.

Over 5,000 office spaces throughout Prague

Scott.Weber provides more than 5,000 office spaces in 13 locations on a total area of over 40,000 m2. Currently, this corresponds to approximately more than a third of the Prague market of private flexible offices and coworking spaces. With the new Dock location, which will open on January 1, 2024, it is thus further consolidating its position as the largest provider and moving towards its goal of having a 50% market share.