The flexible office market includes 146,000 square meters of leasable space, of which Scott.Weber Workspace with new locations provides 58,000 square meters. "At the end of 2022, we announced that we want to have 50% of the flexible office market. We are now within reach of this step – by the end of the year we plan to sign three more exceptional locations of flexible office and coworking space, representing an additional 12,500 square meters. This will increase Scott.Weber Workspace to 20 locations with a total leasable area exceeding 70,000 m2," comments Adam Zvada, CEO and founder of Scott.Weber Workspace, noting that the company had a 33% market share at the beginning of the year.

Scott.Weber Workspace, the leading provider of premium office space in the Czech Republic, has undergone a dynamic transformation that reflects the changing needs of the modern working world. “Before covid, we were a premium space provider for companies of all sizes and different work styles,” says Zvada.

However, the pandemic brought about a fundamental change, and Scott.Weber Workspace thus focused on the individual needs of groups. “We offer high-quality, flexible spaces that match individual work styles, providing choice in where and how our members focus, collaborate, learn, socialize and relax,” explains Zvada.

Now in 2024, Scott.Weber Workspace begins the transition to a lifestyle hospitality company. By combining a first-class work environment with services inspired by the standards of top hotels, Scott.Weber Workspace enables its clients to get the most out of each working day, both in their professional and personal lives.

"We are the creators of the best working days and an inspiring environment where people always come first. If we are able to improve the work experience, we will also improve the quality of life," believes Zvada. This new approach includes not only ba sic functional aspects such as a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment, but also a friendly and professional welcome, personalized service and a wide range of amenities that support employee productivity and wellbeing.

Even the most modern building in Ostrava, ORGANICA of the development company Contera, will not be an exception in this regard. Scott.Weber Workspace will offer the largest center of flexible spaces and coworking in the region from next May. There will be 4,400 m2 of space, 565 workplaces, an event zone for 100 people, and its own cafe with a barista.

In Pernerka, already the company's fifth location in Prague 8, Scott.Weber Workspace, together with the only other tenant in the building, ACTUM Digital, will aim to provide a working day experience. The ground floor of the building will be focused on gastronomic experiences, wellness services, i.e. care for physical and mental well-being, and entertainment in the form of a game zone and other elements.

PernerKa in Karlín, i.e. in the most sought-after office location in Prague, will provide a premium working environment for almost 500 employees on almost 4,000 m2. The location, which will be available to clients from December 2025, will also feature an event center with a capacity of 300 people, the largest of all Scott.Weber Workspace branches.

The Dornych location in Brno will offer a completely new experience. Scott.Weber Workspace will operate its own retail space here with a cafe, barista and chef preparing culinary experiences for the center's clients. The retail space will be connected to both the office center and the adjacent shopping center.

As expected, the newly emerging district near Brno's main railway station will become a sought-after location. More than 150 shops and gastronomic establishments, a public square will be created in one place, and according to the expectations of the developer Crestyl, an average of 100,000 people will pass through the area per day.

At 5,200 square meters, Scott.Weber Workspace will offer the largest center of flexible spaces and coworking in the South Moravian Region with facilities for 600 employees and a private five-hundred-meter terrace.

"The popularity of serviced offices and coworking is growing, which is why these spaces are gradually becoming an integral part of all our administrative projects. Their advantage is a creative work environment, flexibility and the possibility of relaxation and meeting. Scott.Weber Workspace has become our close business partner in this area, we trust their vision of the concept of coworking spaces of flexible offices. We are therefore really happy that we can build on the cooperation in our DOCK project in Prague in the upcoming Dornych project in Brno, and we believe that we will continue to develop this cooperation," says Simon Johnson, director of Crestyl, which is the developer of the Dornych project.

Scott.Weber Workspace also expands on existing sites. It is in the DOCK location in Prague 8, which is now completely full three months after opening, that the company will expand and from February 2025 will offer an additional 828 square meters for use.

In the Churchill building near the Prague main station, the company entered into a partnership with Deloitte, kd