"The total investment in Nové Roztyl, including public infrastructure and public benefit constructions, is approximately five billion crowns," said Martin Unger, Technical Director of Passerinvest Group. The whole project is to create offices and other jobs for almost 3,000 people, approximately 1,500 inhabitants could live in their own or rented flats.

However, the developer will not lay the foundation stone in Roztyly in the area of ​​the former Interlov game slaughterhouse, which is spread over nine hectares and Passer acquired it in 2007, but on the later purchased triangular plots between the entrance to the metro station and the current T-Mobile headquarters.

The Plaza will grow next to the metro

"We are the first to start the construction of the Roztyly Plaza office building in the second half of this year, with completion in 2023. It will be built in close proximity to the metro and will be a natural entrance to the area, which will also offer basic services for the surrounding area. Specifically, it is a small supermarket, drugstore, pharmacy, catering facility, "describes Unger. There should be a P + R car park with a hundred parking spaces on the top floor of the underground garages. Passerinvest is also negotiating with the capital and the Prague transport company for the modernization of the metro station. The suburban bus terminal should also be cultivated.

The Plaza office building was designed by the Aulík Fišer Architekti studio, with which Passerinvest has already collaborated at BB Centrum. As with Reptiles, documentation for joint land and construction proceedings is also under discussion for the second, larger Sequoia office building. The goal is to obtain a permit by the end of this year.

Sequioa is to block the residential part of Nové Roztyl from the traffic artery on May 5. The attractive plots of land of the former Interlov are located between the main road, the South Junction and the Michel Forest. The design of the Sequioa office building and the residential part, called the Arboretum, is the work of the domestic Atelier A8000. For the construction of apartments, however, it is necessary to change the zoning plan.

One third of apartments for rent

"This year, a public discussion of the proposed change should take place, which will enable the construction of approximately 200 rental units, 400 flats for sale into personal ownership and a kindergarten in the Interlov brownfield," Unger specified. If the zoning plan can be changed by the beginning of next year, the construction of the first stage of apartment buildings could begin during it.

A part of the residential area will be a four-hectare park, which does not have to wait for a change in the zoning plan, and the developer is constantly working on its implementation. In recent years, he has opened several outdoor sports grounds to the public on his land. The developer plans to maintain the park areas from the southern and western parts of the project to the Michelský les in the future as well.

According to Unger, Passerinvest wants to create a similar model as in the BB Centrum complex, where it invests part of the resources from the rent of offices and flats back into the maintenance of greenery and relaxation areas. It is also planned to restore the natural habitat, which was once fed by the Roztylský brook, which flowed through the site and was transferred and piped during the construction of metro line C.

BB Centrum continues to grow

Developer Radim Passer began developing his largest project in Michle at the turn of the millennium and continues to do so. Today, BB Centrum includes 12 office buildings with dozens of shops and services, two completed residential projects, a multifunctional Brumlovka building with a large fitness and wellness center, as well as a number of non-profit activities, including Elijah Christian High School, Primary and Kindergarten. Passerinvest Group has so far invested almost 16 billion crowns here. The Oliva Residence with 72 flats is currently under construction. Along with it, a smaller building Olivka will be created, which will offer spaces for a kindergarten and an exhibition of a model railway.


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