Also considering the new restrictions and security measures announced by the authorities, Spaceflow will become a valuable tool for interaction, communication, and information for SkyTower tenants.

“We are going through a period in which online connectivity and communication are replacing the direct contact between people more than ever and the way we were used to live our lives. We hope that all our tenants will enjoy all the benefits that Spaceflow offers and I assure them that we will always think of solutions that will support them and make them proud to be part of the SkyTower community“, said Adriana Dragoescu, CEO RPHI Romania, the company that owns SkyTower.

With the help of Spaceflow, employees of all SkyTower tenants will be able to interact with each other directly, to send or receive offers and information, to join in co-creation projects, volunteering or in sports competition teams. At the same time, they will be regularly informed about events organized exclusively for their community.

Preferential offers and discounts are also available through Spaceflow at selected SkyTower partners. Moreover, as soon as life goes back to normal, the Spaceflow application offers the benefit of a carpooling function, which allows several residents of the building to use the same car for the commute home – office – home, a facility that helps optimize an employee’s day.

The launching of Spaceflow also brings a dedicated contest for the SkyTower community. SkyTower tenants’ employees can win 15 prizes in a raffle draw organized on December 14th if they sign up and use the application by December 11th.