"In the first stage, there will be two office buildings. One of them will be our new corporate headquarters," said Luděk Sekyra, the owner of Sekyra Group, in an interview for the E15 daily. The design of the new headquarters of the group comes from the architect Eva Jiřičná. "In addition, there will be four more apartment buildings in the first stage," added Sekyra. The total investment in the first phase will be 2.5 billion CZK.

The first batch of flats has already been sent by Sekyra na Rohanu for sale. The prices of new buildings are even higher there than in the project of another new district of Smíchov City, the construction of which Sekyra Group has currently started. In Smíchov, a square meter of a new apartment is sold for an average of 140 thousand CZK. Nevertheless, according to Sekyra, 45 percent of the apartments from the first phase has already been sold.

While it is already clear about the shape of the whole area around the Smíchov railway station, where Smíchov City is being established, it is far from obvious on Rohan Island. "The territory has yet to be completed. Changes in the zoning plan may occur, among other things, in connection with the plan for the new Rohan Bridge to Holešovice and the construction of coastal infrastructure. This is the difference from Smíchov, where the concept is completed," said Sekyra.

The land on Rohan is still owned by the city. Gradually, as the developer obtains the necessary permits for the individual stages, they will become the property of Sekyra Group for the price determined by the current assessment.

Source: // E15