"In October, we will start selling the first phase of the project. It is the best plot of land in Belgrade, so the demand is already high," says Petr Němec. The Marina Dorcol project is an urban complex on the banks of the Danube within walking distance of the center of the Serbian metropolis.

The land was bought by Sebre in 2019 for approximately 830 million crowns. Sebre estimates the total investment in the new district, which will create 120,000 square meters of floor space, at 360 million euros, i.e. roughly nine billion crowns.

"In three years since the acquisition, our team has achieved a change in the zoning plan and a zoning decision there, and within six months there will be a building permit. That's a big difference compared to Prague, where even after seven years we don't have anything," states Jan Fidler, referring to the Šemík Bank project in Smíchov, the permit for which is constantly being delayed.

The Marina Dorcol project, which will be created according to the design of Sebre's court architect Stanislav Fiala, envisages the revitalization of the existing marina, the creation of a park around the original railway line and the construction of apartment buildings with a living ground floor, which will be connected to the waterfront and where civic amenities will be located.

"It's a super attractive location. The prices of apartments there will reach up to 10,000 euros per meter," adds Fidler.

Sebre is preparing two more projects in Belgrade. One is the giant construction of the new city district Avala Filmski Park in the neighborhood of the film studios Avala Studio, which the Serbian government has even designated as a project of state interest. Housing for around ten thousand people, offices, sports fields and shops are to be created there.

The latest Belgrade project is located on Slavija Square in the city center, where Sebre will also build a commercial and residential building according to the design of architect Fiala.

Since this year, Sebre has also been preparing a project in London, where Fidler and the German bought an office building at 7 Ridgmount Street in the prestigious Bloomsbury district for thirty million pounds. They want to "shave it to the bone" and rebuild it into a premium administrative complex, following the example of Prague's Sporkov Palace.