The company announced in a close circle of journalists that it will exhibit new shared offices near Kulaťák next to the headquarters of the PPF group. The area, comprising two private terraces, will exceed 2,500 square meters and offer space for 310 people.

The seat of the new premises will be the BLOX building belonging to the Českomoravská Nemovitostní real estate group. Thanks to this, the Scott.Weber Prague offer will expand to nine centers providing a total of 24,500 square meters of flexible offices for rent.

"We are proud to soon make our clients available in another sought-after Prague location. This year, we have already managed to open three new centers, "says Adam Zvada, according to which the global market for flexible offices will double within four years.

The advantage of this type of office is the flexibility of contracts and the possibility of adjusting both the size of the leased area and the duration of the lease itself - ie factors that can change dynamically in the new normal of the rental period.

Multifunctional office complex BLOX in Prague Dejvice

"Moving can take my focus on core business for a few months. And that's an awful lot of time in the highly competitive startup environment in which we work with our companies, "said the owner of the DoDo courier service and the V-Sharp Ventures fund, Michal Menšík, who took part in the presentation of the new project.

Scott.Weber Workspace now controls almost a third of the flexible and coworking office rental market in Prague, and its biggest competitors include the British IWG Spaces and IWG Regus. Both companies belong to one group and consolidate a slightly larger part of the cake on a consolidated basis.

Strong players are also HubHub belonging to the HB Reavis of billionaire Ivan Chrenk or the Israeli WeWork.

Scott.Weber is currently starting the reconstruction of the Dejvice area, which should be completed next year. Its total costs are estimated at lower tens of millions of crowns, due to rising prices of materials in construction and construction work, the company hopes that they will not exceed fifty million crowns.

The new premises in Dejvice, Prague, will be exhibited in the so-called Japanese style, combining Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. With their design and layout, offices should offer a reassuring impression or follow the concept of a well-being office.

In addition to a shared work space and large private terraces, landlords can use the wellness area, meet their team for a "sauna meeting" or record their podcast undisturbed in a technically equipped room.

"The center is designed with regard to the new standard of the office environment, new requirements for functionality, layout and design," says Zvada. So far, only a group of architects and designers called Archihub has opened a smaller coworking center on "Šestka" on their own initiative, otherwise the area is better known for its residential areas such as Ořechovka or Hanspaulka.

"We believe that even students who are close to BLOX from their faculties will find their way to us," Zvada tells other "neighbors" and foretells that Scott.Weber plans to open more exclusive centers.

Source: // Forbes