The construction in the vicinity of Prague's oldest railway station also brings the modern design of the studio of the late, but still iconic first lady of world architecture, Zahy Hadid, to the center. In the first phase, two unique buildings will be built near Masaryčka by the middle of 2023, complemented by a hotel building in Hybernská Street, the authors of which are the architects of the Czech studio Schindler Seko.

Penta also revealed further details of the construction of the first phase of the project, including the planned design of the new public spaces and visualizations including the new design of the immediate vicinity of Masaryk Railway Station. This will undergo significant reconstruction in the coming years and will be expanded, among other things, by new platforms.

As described by Miloš Kocián, Senior Leasing Manager at Penta Real Estate, the slogan of Masaryčka connects not only to the fact that it is an important railway junction, but also to the movement of the entire site. Masaryk Railway Station currently creates a barrier in the natural movement of people and basically offers no opportunities to spend free time. This should change fundamentally after the completion of the new project.

"In addition to premium office facilities for its future tenants and the development of service stores, Masaryčka will focus on creating a system of completely new public spaces and functions that have not existed in this location so far," Kocián said in an online interview for CzechCrunch. The big plans start with the visualization of the square on the corner of Masaryk Railway Station and Na Florenci Street.


Aerial view of Masaryčka. On the left Na Florenci Street, on the bottom left the newly planned square, on the right Hybernská Street

Photo: Penta Real Estate



Office buildings will offer retail and gastronomic spaces on the first two floors

Photo: Penta Real Estate

In addition to the entrances to the metro, there is currently a car park, which should, however, be transformed into a much more usably usable space. Penta has recently launched a public tender, from which the final form of this public space will emerge, which should change the character into a pedestrian zone in the form of a square with greenery and a water feature. It is the share of greenery in the entire area around Masaryk Railway Station that will be significantly increased, when, for example, Na Florenci Street will be complemented by a promenade of permanently planted trees in the extended sidewalks of this new city boulevard.

Directly from the mentioned square, visitors will have access to the station building and, thanks to the removal of the old railway warehouse, also directly to the platforms themselves. The reconstruction of the track by the Railway Administration will also expand the number of platforms by another two, from which high-speed trains should depart on the planned line to Kladno and Václav Havel Airport in the future.

Two impressive buildings designed by the Zahy Hadid studio will connect to the new square in the direction of Na Florenci Street. The taller of these buildings, located closer to the square, will complement the already rich collection of towers of the city of Prague and will offer access to the two-storey commercial space of original layout directly from the mentioned square.

"Yes, I admit it. In addition to the ongoing negotiations on leases with well-known names not only in the field of gastronomy, we wish everyone a well-known apple in this exclusive space," reveals Kocián with a smile, referring to the technological giant.

Both buildings along their entire length have the potential for two floors of shops, services and gastronomic establishments. About halfway between the buildings, a piazzetta will be created, surrounded by a large two-storey restaurant by a well-known operator, on the other hand there will be a two-storey food hall concept inspired by the popular Manifesto located just a few hundred meters away.


View from Na Florenci street. On the left the existing Florentinum building, on the right the planned piazzetta, which is surrounded by a restaurant and a food hall

Photo: Penta Real Estate

"We liked the concept and atmosphere of the Manifesto so much that we want to follow it in Masaryčka. We also want to design the food hall as a multifunctional space, which will of course be accessible to everyone. In addition to the diversity of gastronomy, it will offer the opportunity to regularly organize art installations and openings, an opportunity to present contemporary Czech and international art under professional curatorial guidance and it will create an environment for other diverse social gatherings," adds Kocián.

According to Penta, such a multifunctional space will function similarly to the popular Holešovice Vnitroblock and similar places where fashion or design markets are organized. Thanks to the residential staircase, it will also allow for lectures or workshops.

"This will fulfill another meaning of the slogan Masaryčka unites. The space of public character will attract people from various fields and professions, from art to science. We will connect people of all ages and social or cultural backgrounds,"mpredicts Michaela Panošová, Leasing Manager of Penta Real Estate.



Aerial view of Masaryčka along with the planned roofing of the platforms. Top left Opletalova street, right Na Florenci street

Photo: Penta Real Estate

Another significant element of the new buildings are the roof terraces, with which Penta responds to their popularity, for example on the roof of the Lucerna, the Trade Fair Palace or the Dům Radost in Žižkov. The first of the two community terraces is to be located on the tallest tower facing the Old Town and, thanks to its height of 30 meters, offers unusual views. The second green terrace will be located on the annex building closer to Florence.

Both roofs are designed as community living areas, which will be available to all tenants of Masaryčka. However, Penta's effort is to make part of the terraces accessible to the public as well. Currently, therefore, the project addresses issues of security and technical solutions.

Na Florenci Street, which besieges Masaryk railway station from the north side, has never been a boulevard from a historical point of view, but rather a blind arm ending at the main road, formerly at the city walls. Penta wants to change this with the new look of Masaryčka thanks to new shops, but also restaurant gardens and other services accessible to the general public.

In addition, the street will connect Karlín with the Old Town in the future, and thanks to the planned roofing of the station platforms, a natural connection will be created from Florence via Opletalova Street to the Main Railway Station and also via the U Bulhara junction to the lower Žižkov. The roofing itself will have a park character, in which visitors will get the opportunity to walk dogs or practice yoga.



The planned roofing of the Masaryk Railway Station platforms will have a park character

Photo: Penta Real Estate



A bird's eye view of the roofing of the platforms of Masaryk railway station

Photo: Penta Real Estate

On the opposite side of the railway station in Hybernská Street, the third building of the first phase of Masaryčka will be built, designed by the aforementioned domestic studio Schindler Seko Architekti. It will be a hotel of the well-known German chain Motel One with a capacity of 380 rooms, which will serve not only business travelers but also tourists, thus complementing the multifunctionality of the entire project. Directly through the hotel and its atrium, the passage from the U Bulhara junction will lead to the roofing of the platforms.

The remaining two buildings will, in addition to retail and gastronomy, subsequently serve as premium offices, similar to, for example, in the nearby Penta Churchill project, located above the Central Station. The development company also serves as a test site for its own concept of BASE coworking-type offices, which is a sought-after product on the market and its next branch can also be expected in the new Masaryčka.

Even these activities, according to Penta, will help fulfill another of the meanings of the slogan Masaryčka connects. Thanks to various companies and startups, it will support the ongoing trend, where Prague 1 ceases to be the seat of law firms, banks or consultants who have long dominated office space in this part of the city.

"Thanks to a good vibe, the whole project can attract a number of interesting companies that are successful, looking for the best quality and at the same time not being one of the traditional tenants of the center of Prague. Thanks to the growing competition between companies for the best talents, an excellent office environment can help them gain a significant competitive advantage. When companies want the best people, in addition to an interesting salary, they must also offer them the best working environment,” explains Kocián.

"Last but not least, the HR aspect is also important, when in a number of other dynamically growing Prague localities, such as Karlín, Pankrác, Anděl, Holešovice, companies with a similar nature of business moved and now there is an intense fight for the best quality workforce. Then Masaryčka is a smart solution," adds the manager of Penta Real Estate.

Other aspects of the building are also linked to the premium quality of the premises, especially in the area of ​​ecology and sustainability. The Penta project builds on the highest level of American Leed Platinum certification.



Miloš Kocián, Senior Leasing Manager, and Michaela Panošová, Leasing Manager from Penta Real Estate

Photo: Penta Real Estate

Masaryčka will then be complemented by complete facilities for cyclists, including plenty of bicycle hooks and other standard equipment for athletes such as showers and toilets. "We build on the city's long-term efforts to eliminate the burden of car traffic in the center and to motivate people to use other alternative and environmentally friendly methods," describes Panošová.

In terms of time, Masaryčka and the station itself will experience a new final form in several phases. By the end of the first quarter of next year, Penta should obtain a building permit, and according to Kocián, construction will begin in the spring of next year.

The first important milestones for Masaryčka are the completion of two office buildings in mid-2023 and a hotel in the first quarter of 2024. The second crucial moment will be the roofing of the station platforms and the connection of Opletalová Street with Florence, which is expected in 2025 and 2026. According to the Railway Administration, Masaryk Railway Station with Václav Havel Airport is planned for 2028.

"These are three moments that will fundamentally affect life in the entire locality around Masaryčka from the point of view of a gradual increase in people and a change in their composition. Currently, they are mainly domestic citizens commuting to Prague for work and study, with the further development of the project and transport infrastructure, it will also involve visitors with international affiliation and tourists admiring modern architecture " adds Panošová.


Source:// Czech Crunch