"For two years, no significant office building has been built in Prague for the free market. Therefore, I thank the Lord God for giving us the courage to go against the tide and start. The construction of the Hila building is also important in that, after a series of renovations, a residential project and non-profit buildings, a significant office building is being built in Brumlovka again, albeit with a multifunctional overlap. By combining the main function of modern offices and rental housing within one, and at the same time a sufficiently large building, we are once again becoming a kind of market pioneer in this area. I firmly believe that this generous concept will find its satisfied customers. ” says Radim Passer, founder and CEO of Passerinvest Group.

"We perceive that the new construction of office space has stopped, and at the same time the demand for new office space that will meet the high contemporary demands of users in the future is definitely not going away, not to mention apartments. Therefore, even though in the case of the Hila project it is a so-called speculative construction, we are firmly convinced that we will be able to quickly fill the building's capacity. This year, Passerinvest Group is the first company in Prague to start the construction of a project of this kind, and I am excited that with this construction we can also contribute to the Prague market with such a novel concept, which will bring a number of economic and social benefits and companies that decide to have their headquarters or a branch, they will treat their employees to a mix of first-class offices, a healthy environment, services on the ground floor, relaxation on the roofs, but also the full civic amenities of Brumlovka. After all, when you work in the Hila building and maybe even live in it, you have everything you need for life right at hand in one building," adds Eduard Forejt, director of development and sales at Passerinvest Group, a.s.

The Hila building rises on the corner of Vyskočilova, Želetavská and Jemnická streets. The second to eighth above-ground floors will be made up of an office area complete with green roof terraces, suitable for work and relaxation, and the ninth to fifteenth above-ground floors will be occupied by rental apartments with loggias. The ground floor will include commercial units accessible both from the surrounding streets and from the pleasant shopping arcade. The four underground floors will then provide approximately 420 parking spaces intended exclusively for the tenants of the building, including preparations for charging stations for electric cars. The planned completion of the office part is estimated at the end of 2026, and the complete completion of the building, including the residential part, is expected in the spring of 2027.

"Although the interest in mixed-use projects in the Czech Republic is growing, compared to the rest of Europe, the number of them being built here is still modest. The reason is primarily the lengthy approval processes, which usually take years in our country, and so, unfortunately, development reacts to changes in social demand with considerable delay," adds Eduard Forejt.