The plot of land with an area of ​​8,300 square meters, which is directly adjacent to the supporting embankment of the Frýdlant Bridges, is called Slza due to its shape. A new landmark of Ostrava, a commercial and administrative center with a hotel and flats, is to be built on it. According to earlier information, the building should have 60 floors and cost over two billion Czech crowns.

Vaněk stated that based on the results of the survey, it will be possible to complete the architectural design of the building and definitively determine its height and other parameters. "We want to build a building that Ostrava will be proud of. It will be an exceptional building not only for its height. We pay special attention to architecture, but also to energy independence and minimizing the carbon footprint," said RT Torax partner and founder Tomáš Häring.

Engineering-geological work is done in three layers at different depths. "In the shallow layer about 12 meters below the surface, the condition of soils and groundwater will be assessed after the remediation of the area completed in 2010. At a depth of 70 meters and below, the thickness and proportions of individual geological layers and the concentration and amount of mine gases will be checked," he said. Breeze. At the greatest depth of around 150 meters, the situation after the mining activity will be monitored and the condition of the former mining works will be verified.

Black coal has been mined intensively in the Ostrava region since the 19th century, but already in 1887 a protective pillar was established, which blocked coal mining below the center of Ostrava. Mining was also banned in the Karolina area, but until 1982 there was a coking plant in operation, the last parts of which were demolished in 1985. The area seven times larger than Prague's Wenceslas Square was rehabilitated and decontaminated for almost two billion Czech crowns between 1997 and 2010.

In the Nová Karolina project, which is the largest investment volume in the history of Ostrava after 1989, a shopping center, an office building and apartment buildings were built there. The preparatory and design work of the new high-rise building will be coordinated by a working group set up at the end of last year. Its members are representatives of the city, the Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz city districts, architects and geologists.

"Currently, the architectural design of the entire building and other design activities necessary for the future connection of the new building to the surrounding line structures and engineering networks are being finalized," said Vaněk. The company must apply for a building permit by December 2022 and the building must be built by May 2026.