In addition, this June, CRESTYL started the reconstruction of the historic building NR 7, located opposite the OC Palladium on Prague's Republiky Square. In addition to shops, after its reconstruction, the building, built in a neo-baroque style, will also offer 3,200 m² of premium office space. At the same time, the company also presented its next ambitious project - it plans to build a new city district called DORNYCH in the neighborhood of the Brno Central Station. As part of it, a total of six buildings with shops, services, restaurants and apartments will be built, and offices with an area of ​​27,600 m² are planned for the upper floors of three of them. The CRESTYL Group, which today has office space with a total area of ​​200 000 m², has thus, thanks to its new projects, become one of the leading development companies offering administrative spaces of the highest quality.

A place not only for work

However, CRESTYL does not just build office spaces, its goal is to create places where you can work and live well at the same time. And he doesn't forget what parameters offices must meet today - whether it's data distribution and other smart applications for the technical security of so-called smart buildings or the possibility of variable layout of interior spaces. From this point of view, the floors with an area exceeding 3700 m², which allow even a large company to fit on one floor, are not without interest.

But the surroundings of the administrative building are just as important as the offices themselves. Under the baton of the CRESTYL company, integrated urban districts are thus created, where all elements, be it offices, apartments, shops, services or relaxation facilities, complement each other and, with their multifunctionality, make life easier and more pleasant for the people who work and live here. A good example can be the offices in the DOCK project, which use the soothing atmosphere of the Vltava marina with greenery and a promenade around the river with a connection to the cycle path. The residential and administrative buildings of the Vinohrad project HAGIBOR are connected by a square and a central pedestrian boulevard with shops and restaurants nestled among mature trees. The quality of life here is further enhanced by the park and public space, the concept behind which is Michel Desvigne, the most important landscape architect of today. The new city district DORNYCH attracts attention with its semi-open square roofed with transparent ribs, which is inspired by Brno's Gothic vaults.

Visualization of the Hagibor project in Prague

Photo: Crestyl

Due to its location, the NR 7 project in the center of Prague is an ideal and prestigious location for the flagship store of any global brand or the location of offices of the highest category. The terrace with a panoramic view of the city will surely become a sought-after meeting place.


When designing and constructing new office buildings, CRESTYL adheres to three basic rules, summarized in the acronym ESG.

The environmental aspect means that each of the new buildings is the holder of the highest internationally recognized green building certificate - LEED Platinum. A healthy environment and low energy consumption await future users in the building.

But no less important is that the projects are created with the needs and opinions of local residents in mind, they are an open meeting place, a safe space for work, living, spending free time and gastronomy.

Governance, as a rule of good management, then says that the project must be significantly better than what used to be here before, and it arises on the basis of a discussion with the city self-government in accordance with the urban concept of the city.