The realization of the glass seven-story building, which was designed for Passer by his court architect Jan Aulík with his studio Aulík Fišer architekti, took over two years and required around 1.5 billion crowns.

According to Forbes, the 56th richest Czech Republic did not hesitate to invest during construction in order to create as attractive and functional work environment as possible for future tenants, and this is evident from the moment you enter.

There are water features and interior gardens in the huge inner atrium, and the roof also has a generous garden with a number of places for relaxation. The emphasis on sustainability and low energy consumption throughout the building goes without saying. All this with the aim of achieving the most natural connection with the adjacent Krč Forest.

Roztyly Plaza is the first administrative property ever to open in Prague this year on the cooled office market. However, Passer is convinced that, despite the drop in demand for new offices, they will soon be completely filled.

Radim Passer | Photo by Michael Tomes

After all, approximately half of its capacity is already occupied. The three highest floors were occupied by the Czech development company SCS Software, which is supported by the brothers Petr and Pavel Šebor together with Martin Český.

The creator of the computer game Euro Truck Simulator, which has sold around twenty million copies in sixteen years, has long been ranked among the largest family businesses in the republic, earning 934 million crowns annually with a barely believable EBITDA of 820 million (both in a three-year average). You probably won't find a more profitable business of this size here.

In addition to SCS Software, the building will also house Filip Sajler's modern canteen Perfect Canteen, which also supplies its services to other domestic billionaires and in recent years has been part of the portfolio of another large family business - the Hopi group of František Piškanin and his sons.

"I am extremely grateful to God that we managed to complete the first stage in the Nový Roztyl location," comments Radim Passer, a strongly religious Christian and member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, among other things.

His words are further strengthened by the fact that the Passerinvest company bought the first plots of land on the western edge of the Prague 11 district back in 2006. "Since then, we have been trying to get all the permits to turn the neglected brownfield into a place where people will live and work, but also like to spend free time.'

At the same time, he knows what he is talking about. When he started the transformation of Brumlovka in the late 1990s and built the first office building outside the center of the metropolis in an unsightly location, he was looked at with wonder.

Today, its administrative complex in Michla, Prague, is one of the largest of its kind in Europe, and at roughly 250,000 square meters, it provides facilities for the largest companies in the Czech Republic, such as ČEZ, Microsoft, O2, UniCredit Bank or Moneta Money Bank.

However, hundreds of people have also found a home there, who, like local employees, can use the countless local shops, services and social activities.

Radim Passer also has a similar intention, albeit on a smaller scale, in Roztyle. On the site of the former slaughterhouse, he intends to build another Sequoia office building, a residential area with hundreds of apartments called the Arboretum, as well as new parks and public spaces in the coming years.

The plan also includes the restoration of the natural biotope, which was once fed by the Roztylský stream, but which was diverted into the pipeline during the construction of the subway.

Graphic diagram of the Nové Roztyly location, as Passerinvest sees it in the future

"I believe that the next stages that we are planning here will be beneficial for the whole of Prague and will transform an unsightly area into a modern part of the city rich in greenery, water features, but also a number of places to relax and enjoy sports," adds the sixty-year-old businessman, who previously left to recultivate part of the territory and put into operation, for example, an educational trail or a workout field.