Many studies have shown that art has a positive effect
on creativity, supports overall productivity and
reduces the level of stress. A recent study by Perspectus Global, a UK-based independent research agency, found that 69% of respondents feel better when they are surrounded by visually appealing art at work. Quality artwork can promote employee loyalty to the company and overall satisfaction and productivity.

Here are four specific examples where artwork or design helped
complete a unique space and bring a spark of originality into it.

A natural focal point of the space

A work of art has the ability to become the center of attention. You can buy the work on the art market, but the original option is to have the work tailored to the needs of your company. One that will reflect your company values, convey positive impressions to clients and employees, and support the overall atmosphere of the space.

We boast exactly such parts to our customers in our CAPEX offices. The young artist Marek Ehrenberger made them according to our requirements and values.
Their specific location was then decided by our architects.

We have chosen four spaces where the works are suitable, where they will be seen and thus make everyone happy. Each room should express different feelings, values, functions. Marek Ehrenberger was able to transform values such as creativity, sincerity, wisdom, growth and playfulness into original works that cannot be overlooked.

— Michaela Zámečníková — Architect, CAPEXUS