More than just a table and chairs

It might seem that the workplace is made up of only physical objects and things around us, such as an office desk, chair or lighting, and the entire workplace. Well, it's not like that. For example, it concerns your relationships with colleagues , superiors / subordinates, or the nature of the activities you do at work. Of course, everyone perceives their ideal working environment differently, someone would like to have a quiet space in a separate office and another would prefer a busier open-space. In our opinion, a comfortable and quality work environment should offer a greater range of options.

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Tips for working effectively in coworking

However, you may have the best equipped office, but if there are many disturbing elements around you , your work will become more counterproductive and you will leave the job disappointed or stressed out. That is why it is important that the workplace has a few basic elements, and so it is a place where you can work quietly and concentrate on your work. A place where you feel good and can relax for a while . We have a few tips for you to keep your productivity in coworking if you can't.

organize your day and set your daily goals watch time and take regular breaks mute or turn off your phone take your headphones to ambient noise for more concentration keep your order with you and avoid the chaos on your desk liven up and cheer up your space with plants take advantage of new opportunities - there are many other inspiring people around you


Teambuilding we do in xPORT

It is good to think that we will not always work individually but that we will also be required to work with others. For example, teambuilding events are ideal in which workers can relax and get to know each other, even in other than the working world. Get inspired by what works for us:

karaoke nights movie nights barbecue on the terrace or outdoors hockey transfers Christmas parties networking events a wine tasting birthday parties quizzes

Workplace Day - 30. 4.

The work environment has its own holiday at the end of April, and that is Workplace Day ! As we have seen a bit higher, a pleasant working environment is the key to productivity, but it also has a significant impact on our health. This day was announced by the UN and designed to improve workplace relationships, friendship and personal development. And we believe that xPORT VŠE is the right place where you can develop not only your business, but also yourself.