UNIQ Tesla is the first project of the largest Slovak residential developer in the Czech Republic, and is currently entering its implementation phase. The building with seven above-ground and one underground floors will bring 11 thousand square meters of total floor space.

UNIQ Tesla - Interior

“The UNIQ Tesla project is designed to deliver an inspiring working environment for modern professionals to support their satisfaction and creativity. The original corporate environment in a lively location is one of the effective ways of reaching out to talented young people, ” says J an Krnáč, CEO of CRESCO REAL ESTATE .

The author of the design is the Bogle Architects studio , which is also behind the architecture of the UNIQ Staroměstská boutique office building in Bratislava or the UNIQ Majakovského premium apartment building.

UNIQ Tesla - Exterior

Tesla headquarters building = industrial open spaces

The office floors are designed as industrial open spaces, while the ground floor with a height of up to 4.6 meters makes it possible to add space to the mezzanine. The standard floors have a height of up to 3.8 meters and an area of ​​1463 m2. On the top floor, which will be created by the superstructure, there will be a large terrace overlooking the surroundings and the city. The huge underground floor, which originally served as a shelter, will provide facilities including a bicycle room, a fitness room with showers and changing rooms.

The Tesla headquarters building remained the only preserved former factory building. It is located in the district of Holešovice, which has become a symbol of the rebirth of creative energy in Prague. In the former industrial suburbs, factories, slaughterhouses and steam mills are transformed into offices, apartments, studios, and creative companies, international advertising agencies, young workforce, trendy cafes and restaurants, and the leading centers of modern art.

UNIQ Tesla - Interior

CRESCO REAL ESTATE plans to build apartments in the second phase of the project in Tesla. In addition, the developer will modernize another administrative building in Holešovice - Metropolitan with a total lettable area of ​​4,500 square meters and a hundred parking spaces. “We plan to upgrade the building to attractive office space in a lively and strategically important location in Prague. We want to respond to market demands for innovative spaces at affordable prices, ” adds Ján Krnáč .

Cresco Group - Since its establishment in 1992, the Slovak company Cresco Group has implemented a number of successful development projects. Although most of them are located in Bratislava, the company is gradually expanding its activities to other areas in Slovakia and abroad. Over the years of its existence, the Cresco Group has become an important and respected company that is signed under some daring investments, such as the III Tower or the Slnečnice residential district, which is changing the face of Slovakia's capital and creating new, higher standards for its users. The company emphasizes the aesthetic value of the building, its logical integration into the environment, the practical functionality of the space and its surroundings, while ensuring safety. An inseparable part of the implementation of each project is the fulfillment of the high requirements for technological manufacturing. It is always the company's goal to create a full-fledged space with comparable design, quality, functionality and safety requirements. More onwww.cresco.sk .

Source / photo: www.retrend.cz / ASPEN.PR sro