“JTRE always proceeds on any project, in accordance with the relevant laws and strategic materials of the city, and it is therefore natural that the zoning decision was confirmed. We are pleased that the correctness and legitimacy of our procedures has been confirmed. We feel that interventions in the course of the permitting process, which have challenged our practice, may have different motivations. That is why we continue to be open for communication with the municipality, the city district and Bratislava. Now, more building permits await us in the Eurovea 2 project, ” says Pavel Pelikán, CEO of JTRE .

The preparatory work on the Eurovea 2 project is ongoing and the environmental burden is currently being removed. To date, Eurovea 2 has requested multi-year training, during which JTRE has been intensively communicating with representatives of the municipality, city districts, representatives of their departments, the owners of the property concerned and the public.

Eurovea 2 - Bratislava SK

JTRE's goal is a comprehensive solution in Eurovea 2 and its wider surroundings. The result of this is the continuation of the preparation of the construction of a central city tram circuit along the Šafárikovo náměstí, Pribinova, Košická with the connection to Ružinovská Radiální and Trnavské toll. All the projects in the EUROVEA CITY zone are coordinated with the location of the tram line. JTRE also places great emphasis on high-quality public spaces designed and designed by the renowned Spanish architect Beth Galí for EUROVEA CITY.

"I firmly believe that Eurovea 2 will bring in the extension of the embankment in 2022 in the style that both the Bratislava people and all visitors liked it," added Pavel Pelikán .

Source / photo: www.retrend.cz / J&T REAL ESTATE, as