As new visualizations and drawings show, its shape resembles an hourglass. The highest project of progressive Brno architects will be the tallest building in the Czech Republic with its 235 meters high and 56 floors, and its price is to climb to 2.5 billion crowns.

The duo Chybik + Kristof designed a unique building, which is to stand between 28. října and Jantarová streets, for the RT Torax Group investment group. Last year, the company belonging to Radek Šnit and Tomáš Häring bought the Nová Karolina Park office building from Passerinvest, the forty-richest Czech, Radim Passer.

"Our goal was to return the land to the city structure, which is now cut off by traffic constructions. We wanted to minimize the impact of bridge structures and existing barriers and reconnect public space, "explain architects Ondřej Chybík and Michal Krištof, who have also been involved in urban planning for a long time.

The building with a capacity for almost two and a half thousand people will offer apartments, offices, a hotel and shops. An important part of the plans to use the potential of the skyscraper are the functions accessible to the public: the tower will have space for wellness and entertainment, a restaurant, a congress center or a public view in all directions - the so-called sky garden.

“We do not want to reserve the top floors for the most luxurious apartments, as is the case with other high-rise buildings. The top of the Ostrava skyscraper, on the other hand, will be accessible to everyone. People will be able to enjoy the view of the whole city and its surroundings, "say the architects.

The entire center of the Silesian metropolis awaits the transformation in the foreseeable future. The city plans to build a number of public and cultural buildings here, including the completion of the Philharmonic, the House of Arts, a new gallery and new university buildings. The remaining space should be complemented by new office buildings and residential buildings financed by private investors.

"The vision for a new post-industrial Ostrava is unparalleled in the Czech or Slovak context. The scope of the planned plans from public funds, by which the town hall wants to support the new era of its city, is unique. We are glad that our project can complement and develop this vision, "say the authors of Ostrava Tower.

The bold proposal also has its opponents: the project is not liked, for example, by the National Monuments Institute, according to which the building is “contrary to the interests of state monument care. The height does not correspond to the scale of the historical development in the protected area, it significantly affects the city skyline and violates the conditions for the protection of the city's monument zone. "

According to the NPÚ, the building also does not respect the valid spatial planning documentation. However, Krištof and Chybík look at the selected locality differently. According to their location near the historic center, they want to elevate, settle and activate today's complicated locality. Two-thirds of the building is supposed to belong to housing - and according to them, new residents will benefit the city center and its services.

"The number of people who will use the building all year round is crucial to the revitalization of the center. Building towers on the periphery is a wasted chance to use the energy of such a plan, "comment Chybík and Krištof.