"Last year, a number of amazing office realizations were created, which deserve to compete for the prestigious award, which the title of 'Office of the Year' is without a doubt. We see that now the very concept and use of offices is undergoing a paradigm shift in a large part of companies. It is all the more important to appreciate companies that are currently trying to create the best background for their people. Each period has its specifics and on behalf of the jury I can express the expectation that this year we are really looking forward to the realizations that arose in the pandemic period. In a way, they are the beginning of a new trend," says Radek Procházka, Managing Partner of Prochazka & Partners and founder of the Office of the Year competition.

The reason for moving the gala evening from January to summer is obvious - thanks to the planned vaccination, we expect both a better epidemiological situation and the opportunity to organize events in the open air. The prestige of the competition, the growing number of entrants and the quality of realizations deserve an adequate form of the gala evening.


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"Our competition is rightly the most prestigious award in the field of office realizations. We have undergone incredible changes since our beginnings, and the expert jury has an increasingly difficult role to play every year in voting who will win in a given category. The number of registered projects and their quality is growing every year. Competing interiors will succeed in international competition with the quality of their working environment with an overview. I am very interested in how the pandemic and the higher share of work from home affected the implementations that will apply for the 'Office of the Year' award this year," says Petr Zahálka, ProInterier's sales director and member of the Office of the Year competition jury.

This year, exceptional office interiors of companies in the Czech Republic compete in nine categories, in which competitors can enter:

The best regional office
Office over 5,000 m2
Offices of financial institutions
Law offices
IT offices
Consulting offices
21st century offices
Hub & Co-working offices
Employee friendly office
The imaginary tenth category is the special Jury Prize, awarded across all competition categories. Its goal is to appreciate the exceptional contribution to architecture and design.


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"As part of the evaluation of competitive realizations, we also focus on the quality of the working environment. This is undoubtedly influenced by the choice of quality standardized and atypical furniture. In connection with current hygiene measures in companies, we are also witnessing a greater division of work space. Thanks to this, the background and meeting places for individual teams are created,“ adds Jiří Zavadil, Managing Director of Vitra and a judge of the Office of the Year competition.

In addition to quality equipment, lower noise levels in offices also contribute to employee satisfaction and higher productivity.

"Until now, office companies have focused primarily on reducing noise in open-space spaces. Newly, due to the Covid-19, there is not only the use of mobile soundproofed workplaces for one or more employees, but also a more intensive division of entire offices into smaller units, among other things thanks to acoustic glass partitions. In the smaller rooms created in this way, there is a growing interest in echo-suppressing elements such as ceiling tiles or even acoustic paintings on the walls. A positive result of all these adjustments is an increase in the safety and productivity of office workers," says Jaroslav Vendl, co-founder of SilentLab and judge of the Office of the Year competition.

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About the Office of the Year competition

The Office of the Year competition was established in 2016 and is now in its 5th year. The expert jury evaluates the interiors in terms of uniqueness and design of the premises, innovations (technological, material, practical), the atmosphere of the environment, and especially the quality of the working environment. Across all categories, he appreciates the attractiveness of the work environment and how pleasant the office is to be, which is gaining in importance mainly due to how much of most of our time we spend in the office. The winners will be announced at the final gala evening during the summer in the gardens of the Žofín Palace, to which representatives of all registered companies will be invited. More about the competition on the new website www.kancelareroku.cz.

About Prochazka & Partners

Prochazka & Partners was founded in 2013 by Radek Procházka and today is a leading company focused exclusively on representing tenants in the field of commercial real estate. It provides a comprehensive service for tenants in the Offices and Industrial segments (renegotiation, relocation, expansion, purchase or turnkey construction) and also provides its clients with architectural and project consulting and management (Design & Build). Since 2016, the company has also been announcing a professional Office of the Year competition.


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