Construction of a new ČSOB building, resp. the preparation of a foundation pit on the Elbe embankment in the Aldis locality started last December. SYNER will now continue with a reinforced concrete skeleton, which will gradually appear above the terrain, and in spring will be added facade constructions, green roofs and installation of all technical equipment," said Ivo Koukol , who is in charge of the construction of new ČSOB buildings. “We are pleased to execute this contract and believe that we will capitalize on our extensive experience in the construction of office centers,” said Robert Špott, CEO of SYNER .

Outside Prague, the ČSOB building will be the seat of important banking departments

Since 2021, more than a thousand employees of the bank should work in the regional headquarters in Hradec Kralove, otherwise called HHQ. In addition to regional services, however, the largest building outside Prague, ČSOB will become the seat of major banking departments operating nationwide, namely the call center and the processing center.

CSOB in Hradec Kralove

The HHQ building, designed by Projektil architects , will also be remarkable for its extraordinary consideration for the environment. It will be unique, for example, in its management of thermal energy - heat pumps using the energy from the natural massif via 108 energy interception piles up to 200 meters deep will serve for heating and cooling the building. “These systems, together with high-quality, active building envelope, utilization of the accumulation capabilities of structures, consistent heat recovery from internal sources and arrangement for natural ventilation of the building will enable to achieve a favorable indoor environment of the building in very economical operation,” added Ivo Koukol .

Not just a bank, but a café

The building provides for a regional bank branch, publicly accessible café or small shops and services in the parterre, which will help to revive the site. The bank wants to place a drive-in deposit and withdrawal ATM at the building, which will be served by clients directly from the vehicle window.

Source / photo: / SYNER sro