Wooden shelf racks with traditional joints without a single screw, maximally functional, massive tables for up to six people at once or Roxor chairs make up the basic furniture of the TAK furniture series, which was designed by the Schwestern studio for Profil Nábytek. The sister duo of Monika Cihlářová and Iveta Šalamounová fully applied ecologically friendly furniture with a strong and elegant construction to the interior design of the offices of the National Film Archive (NFA). The sisters designed the interiors in collaboration with Lubomír Bača, an architect from Kingfisher advisor.

Most of the office spaces are located in open space, so the main task was to divide the spaces optically and emotionally into smaller units using modular, light and variable storage furniture, to enable individual focused work, joint work meetings and informal meetings.

"The furniture meets all our requirements, both aesthetically and in terms of design quality and practicality. The shelves divide the space SO well and turn the large open space into smaller, more intimate zones where we all feel really comfortable. The shelves look great empty, with books and flowers, but they can also handle files," says Martina Štastná from the NFA secretariat, adding that she and her colleagues also enjoy the small details of the furniture, which stand out thanks to their precise design. These are, for example, joints on shelves, rounded corners of tables in meeting rooms, zroxor hangers and bar chairs. "Bar seating is one of the most popular, thanks to the comfortable chairs," adds Štastná.

The offices are interrupted in three places by relaxation zones – in the beginning, there is a cafe seating area and an area with a sofa, which is softened by a yellow curtain that allows the space to be further divided. Another relaxation zone with a double sofa is in the middle of the entire open space and at the end of the corridor opposite the toilets, which are separated by the library.

In the central part of the office there is a corner used as a "paper room" with a dominant raised table with bar-style chairs, a printer and lockable boxes for employees.

Furniture in all senses

The office space is completed by several meeting rooms of different sizes with a TAK meeting table, sometimes separated only by glass. "The tables of the TAK series are designed as the central point of the office space, where people meet, negotiate, work, but also rest and have fun. They reflect the dynamic and creative environment of today's offices," explains Iveta Šalamounová. The maximally functional, structurally stable table provides a comfortable depth for both a laptop and a lunch menu. Elaborate details and material design allow you to perceive the quality of the table not only by sight, but also by touch.

"Today, when communication is mainly online, it is necessary to keep up with new technologies. At the same time, the TAK collection looks back and stimulates natural actions in the collective and supports mutual interaction," adds Šalamounová, who designed the TAK furniture line for Profil.

Both protagonists of the Schwestern studio are simultaneously the daughters of one of the founders and co-owners of the company Profil Nábytek, František Čermák.

"Fashion trends come and go in waves. We rely on solid carpentry foundations and timeless materials. We supplement traditional joints with proven technologies and pay attention to quality workmanship," adds Čermák, originally a carpenter himself.

Sustainability is not just a platitude in the case of this realization. In addition to being long-lasting, the furniture is modular, and should the NFA offices move again, it can be reused and adapted to the new premises.