The new and improved premises will be adapted to the latest office trends resulting from the pandemic situation

We are specifically talking about larger open spaces, but at the same time separate ones. Some of them are supposed to provide employees with enough space for work, the second type is designed for rest and meeting others. In both cases, however, the environment will become less and less formal.

"Concerns about the transmission of any viruses will remain in society, so there will be a tendency to provide more space among people. The offices will resemble a kind of living room, "predicts the latest trends, sales director and board member Petr Hampl, and continues:" It will no longer be small rooms where people are lined up next to each other, but on the contrary they will turn into open spaces where there will be many larger portions of informal seating. "

"The third type of companies of a smaller and more local nature will return to their offices in the same layout as before and will continue as if nothing had happened," Kejval continues. The latest client requirements also result in an increasing shift towards open workspaces, so-called coworkings. These are based on a relaxed cafe environment, which is full of creativity.