Thanks to the application on your phone, you open the entrance to the building. The lobby with concierge, comfortable seats and snacks resembles a hotel. The elevator will automatically take you to your floor. In the office you have zones that look more like a comfortable living room and are designed for both teamwork and concentration, as well as for meetings and gatherings. The meetings are equipped with large screens that connect you with colleagues working from home or the other side of the world.

The office is connected to a sunny terrace full of greenery with a view of the large park by the building and a new embankment, which invites you to a picnic with friends, sports or to attend a concert. Everything you need is at your fingertips, notes Jana Prokopová, Leasing & Asset Director at Skanska's Commercial Development Unit in the Czech Republic.

Port7. Visualization: studio Xtend

Design follows the environment, which is the concept that Skanska has been following for many years and the office buildings of the future. In 2019, according to him, the developer transformed the premises of the former Pragovka in Karlín, Prague, into the Praga Studios office building, and a year later he also completed the Parkview office building in Pankrác.

Well-being = at work at home

Now, according to this concept, the multifunctional project Port7 is being built on the banks of the Vltava in Holešovice. It combines several environments that people can take turns during the day, not only at work.

"Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the offices began to change, especially to a meeting place, value creation and joint work. This trend will strengthen, which is why we are following the path of attractive and fully variable workspaces supplemented by rest areas, ”describes Jana Prokopová.

An essential part of modern office complexes are technical innovations, design, the surroundings of individual buildings and the offer of other services and elements that tenants will appreciate not only during holidays. That is why the sporty Visionary building in Holešovice has a running track on the roof, which is why there is an orange piano in the lobby of Praga Studios, which contrasts with the azure elements of the industrially tuned floors.

Prague Studios. Photo: Tomáš Hejzlar

Port7 between the river and the Prague Holešovice railway station is to be a project in which Skanska will combine all these trends and add new ones at the same time. "After its completion, it was designed to obtain the highest environmental certification LEED Platinum, demanding interior quality assessment WELL Platinum and the latest certification WELL Health & Safety Rating," notes Petr Houska, Project Director in Skanska's commercial development unit in the Czech Republic.

Sport, food and relaxation in the countryside

Port7 consists of three office buildings named after the ports of Edinburgh (27,800 m2), Alexandria (4,200 m2) and Dover (3,800 m2). The space between them is filled with piazza with restaurants, cafes, supermarket, smaller shops and service outlets.

The old industrial brownfield of the former Prefa concrete plant on the banks of the Vltava will be transformed into a public park, which will cascade down to the water. A new Holešovice Náplavka 2.0 with a promenade and a dock for small boats will be created, for which Skanska and DEJSIPROSTOR are now preparing an overall concept. Thanks to the combination of greenery, sports and culture, the complex aims to attract not only office tenants, but people from all over Prague.

Port7. Visualization: studio Xtend

"The project includes three themed terraces that will offer a beautiful view of the river and the opposite vineyard in Troy. And also stylish industrial social spaces for tenants called The Club. We are also planning a number of innovations that will allow users to communicate with their building and take full advantage of its services, ”adds Houska.

Full-service and health protection

The Connected by Skanska application, which people download to their phones, will allow, for example, contactless movement around the building - from the parking lot and front door to offices or meeting rooms. Port7 will also have charging points for electric cars, lockable boxes for handing over consignments or laundry boxes for cleaning clothes. There is also a bike shed with tools for basic bicycle service, showers and towel service.

Photo: Tomáš Hejzlar

Following the coronavirus pandemic, technologies whose main goal is to ensure a safe, pathogen-free work environment have become part of the best commercial project standard. Already in 2020, Skanska had all of its then-completed office buildings in Central Europe certified with the demanding independent WELL Health & Safety Rating certification.

At the same time, it came up with its own Care for Life concept, which provides tenants with comfort and maximum health protection for their employees. These include, for example, more frequent sanitation plans of the building, contactless solutions, strengthening of air conditioning with special filters, control of water purity or humidity and the like.