AFI Europe plans to start construction this winter and the expected completion date is at the end of 2021. In addition to apartments, premium offices and retail will be part of the multifunctional project with a total floor space of approx. units . The total investment of AFI Europe will exceed CZK 1 billion.

“We are pleased that the portfolio of our projects continues to grow. Karlin has undoubtedly become one of the most attractive localities in Prague: it is close to the city center, offering complete civic amenities, plenty of greenery and plenty of opportunities for spending your free time. People want not only to live here but also to work. Personally, we found this out in the realization of our AFI Karlín office center, which is just a few steps away from this acquisition and is already fully occupied. I believe that the new project will build on its success, ”  says Doron Klein, director of AFI Europe .

Karlín Group has decided to sell because of the restructuring of its project portfolio with the aim of expanding it to other Prague locations, such as Holešovice, where it is currently building a Student House project.

The real estate company Knight Frank was involved in the preparation of the transaction .

Source / photo: / Crest Communications