In this context, coworking is no longer the only domain of developers, creatives and technology companies. More recently, companies from the areas of business, consultancy and consulting or financial and legal corporations have been predominant.

Even these are slowly retreating from the practice of traditional offices fixed for 10 years or more. They require a flexible approach, which is given by more widespread project management. And flexibility is also required by employees or, more precisely, team members who can be spread around the world.

Banks, merchants and consultants, for example, are satisfied with the high standard, the completely flexible contractual terms and the extended network of Spaces centers around the world. Especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, this type of coworking user is also in a phase of expansion and continuous recruitment.

Just for North America and Europe, The Instant Group predicts rapid growth in the coworking ratio in the office market. It is now around 5% and is still rising. IWG's revenues alone exceeded £ 2.5 billion in 2018.

These trends are also confirmed by the Czech management Spaces. “ One client from the Czech Republic receives one from abroad. It is quite common for our customers to work at Spaces in several European capitals during the month. Our membership enables them to use the Spaces network as their own branch network, ” says Karel Pelán, who manages the development of Spaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia .

Clients from all over the world will come and go to Prague's Spaces . Recent demand suggests that they are mostly recruited from Western Europe, the US and Canada, and advanced Asian countries.

The international Spaces network is also important for domestic clients. It is related to their frequent travel abroad, currently dominated by Germany, Austria or the Benelux countries. At the same time, however, it enables rapid expansion and establishment of branches if necessary. With all such advice, the Spaces team helps.

At the end of 2020, 4 Spaces will be in operation in Prague - Smíchov, Pankrác and Karlín, plus the first 3,500 sqm in Albatros on Národní třída. It is a total of 15,000 m 2 , which in the future will surely complement other buildings with Spaces. According to domestic management, the expansion will not only concern Prague.

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