The joint development business KKCG of Karel Komárek and Rockaway of Jakub Havrlant will deal with the construction of residential housing, offices and also the development of industrial real estate. The company does not provide more information. Both companies refused to comment on more specific plans for e15, saying that they do not comment on ongoing transactions.

Komárek has many years of experience in construction. His development company KKCG Real Estate Group was founded in 2012 and, in addition to development, also deals with real estate management, primarily through a majority stake in the company IPM - Industrial Portfolio Management, which owns and manages industrial buildings in the Central European region.

Two years ago, KKCG Real Estate Group completed its biggest project to date, the Bořislavka office center, which also houses all the pillars of KKCG's business. It has already built fifty premium townhouses in the Šárka locality on the northwestern edge of Prague.

So far, Havrlant has only been talked about in connection with development, but there is no news about specific implemented projects. In May 2021, the former co-owner of the Sokolovská uhelná Jaroslav Rokos stated in an interview for e15, for example, that his group is negotiating with Rockaway about possible cooperation on the revitalization of the former Medard - Libík coal site. The unspecified project should be created as part of a recreation center near Lake Medard, the largest artificial lake in the Czech Republic, which was created on the site of a former surface quarry. However, no new information about this project is known.

However, Havrlant has experience with real estate and has been active in the real estate market for a long time. In 2007, he co-founded and for a long time managed the Czech portal for the direct sale and rental of real estate without an intermediary, In addition, he owns several buildings, for example the Panorama hotel in Špindlerův Mlýn or the historic Prague villa in Hřebenky.

It is typical for Havrlant, who won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 award this March, that he prefers doing business with business partners rather than doing business on his own. Until this May, when he sold his shares in Heureka and the Fast e-shop, his main partners were Daniel Křetínský and Patrik Tkáč. On the other hand, at least partially, he maintained his ties to the PPF investment group, with which he owns a stake in the Vivantis e-shop.

For the joint development project of Komárka and Havrlanta, which is now being assessed by the European Commission, two companies will be created, RE TopCo I and TopCo II, in which each of them will hold a half share after the approval of the transaction. The Commission should make a decision in the coming months.

Among the biggest developers

The largest developers in the Czech Republic include Skanska, Finep, Central Group, CPI, Sekyra Group and Trigema. The Penta group or Crestyl, for example, concentrate on more premium real estate.