Erik Štefanovič, Managing Director of DELTA Czech Republic, said: The jury evaluated projects according to different categories: "quality of architectural design with wood material", "quality of design and timber deployment" and "engineering work in the area" timber construction. Our  DELTA green line architecture concept in cooperation with SWAP was unique and I greatly appreciate the fact that he addressed the jury and persuaded it with its well thought out concept. "


Layout of building, construction

“The bright volume of the two-storey building enchants with its subtle pragmatism and meaningful use of the CLT construction (cross-laminated wood). The façade (a pre-built timber frame building) with strictly rhythmized window openings and integrated solar protection reflects this research facility's clear working practices. The linearly zoned floor plan provides well-lit offices to the south and ingeniously eliminates the northern dazzling light in the labs. In general, even the elevator shaft with CLT construction is implemented in the industrial quality of the construction, which is a sign of a certain above-standard design. By using unambiguous zones within which the boundaries of the rooms are variable, both the orientation in the building and the interplay of architecture and functionality are resolved very intuitively. "

The IFA office building project in the Austrian town of Tulln shows that it is possible to build industrial buildings from wood, with various functional requirements ".

A pioneer in the principle of sustainable buildings

The IFA Tulln office building is uniquely distinguished by the intertwined and consistent wood construction, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and unmistakable aesthetics. As one of the first office and laboratory buildings made of wood, IFA Tulln is a pioneer in sustainable construction. Erik Štefanovič, managing director of DELTA, says to the whole process: “ It is an inspiration and it shows that it is possible to build buildings with various functional requirements from wood. Sustainable construction and long service life of the building are of long-term importance to society ”.

Location versus design

IFA Tulln is not in the center of any big city in Austria. On the contrary, Tulln an der Donau is one of the oldest towns in the Austrian state of Lower Austria in the district of Tulln. It extends over the Danube River, with approximately sixteen thousand inhabitants, and this aspect of DELTA was reflected in the exterior architecture of the building. All the more appreciated by this model investor approach to planning and implementing an industrial building made entirely of wood, located outside the capitals, which is more likely to be invested in these smart buildings.

“ It's an inspiration. All the more so, this model investor approach to planning and implementing an industrial building made entirely of wood, which is located outside of the capital cities, is more likely to be appreciated by the means of investing in smart buildings of this type. "

The investor, BIG, says that by implementing this one of the first wooden laboratories and educational buildings in Austria, we are beginning to write a modern history in the field of industrial real estate. " We are proud that we have been able to significantly influence this project," says Ing. Wolfgang Kradischnig, Managing Director of the DELTA Group. According to the DELTA and SWAP architectural concept, the building is ideally suited to the landscape with regard to the natural materials used and also to the visual impression of the building. I believe that users will also be better able to work in this very pleasant and thoughtful building ”.

On the DELTA website, you can also watch a video about this project (DE version, ENG subtitles)

Source: www, / DELTA 
Photo: Christian Brandstätter