With the complete reconstruction and modernization of the former Tesla Holešovice company in V Háji Street, this industrial building, which has not been used for several years, will be transformed into a residential building with 148 exceptional apartments and lofts with an industrial character. The SO-HO Residence will welcome its first new inhabitants at the turn of 2023 and 2024.

Lofts are of the greatest interest

Due to the character of the building, a number of loft-type apartments with a clear height of almost four and a half meters will be created in the first stage. "These flats, which by the way also have their front garden in part of the courtyard, are of the greatest interest to buyers," says Jan Štembera, sales manager of the Czech branch of CRESCO REAL ESTATE, adding: half a meter. It enables creative modern installations, as we know them from foreign loft inspirations. The apartments on the top floors are also two-storey, duplex, available 3 + kk to 4 + kk. They will attract those who like new spaces with the possibility of interesting interior design and will appreciate a more comfortable space. "

The Holešovice SO-HO (SOuth HOlešovice) is a reference to the similar atmosphere of the New York district of SoHo (South of Houston Street). "I lived in Holešovice for many years, I perceive the local atmosphere and energy, which in some places reminds me a lot of New York and its SoHo," explains Robert Jašek, director of the creative agency Graffitti Networks, which is behind the visual style of the project.

New city alley with promenade

The SO-HO project is not a classic development project. SO-HO characterizes a new approach in the concept of urban construction, which is characterized, among other things, by the quality of architecture on the ground floor and its dialogue with the surroundings and greenery. In Dělnická Street, where there is a respectable 20 meters distance from the busy road, you will find a city alley with mature trees, plantings including ornamental grasses and colorful perennials designed by the well-known landscape painter Štěpánka Šmídová. The roofs and roof terraces are mostly planted with extensive greenery. It helps to cool the building in the hot summer months and thus contributes to the quality of the climate in the locality.

A promenade with local shops, a fitness center and a café will be created on the ground floor of the first stage of the project. "We can reveal that the well-known Toustárna in Holešovice will find a new address here," explains Aleš Svatoň, director of the Czech branch of CRESCO REAL ESTATE.
The new building with its six apartment entrances will run along Jankovcova and Tusarova streets, and at the same time it will create a courtyard with urban greenery, which will also be open to the public.

Key experiences from the world

"Our inspiration is the whole world. We perceive the development of architecture and the issue of residential housing not only in Slovakia or here in the Czech Republic, "says Štefan Beleš, founder and chairman of the board of CRESCO REAL ESTATE and adds:" Urban regeneration is a big topic in many European and North American cities. In brownfield sites in Copenhagen, London or New York, new neighborhoods are emerging that retain their industrial character, but thanks to new energy, they are becoming desirable places to work and live. I am pleased that our work can bring experience and energy to the development of this exceptional place in Holešovice. "