Q: "What one thing would you take from your workplace if it burned in it?"

"I'd take smarties with me because I'm their great lover."

⇪ Markéta Veverková, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé


“I would probably take my table lathe from the workshop. It is 30 kilograms, but it is the only thing that can be carried in the hands and has some sense. There is no other way to move on with other things. ”

Kla Michal Klaška, hand manufacturer of Kayu pens

“In the event of a fire in my office, I'd first of all reach for my purse, in which I have the most important documents and personal belongings. During the evacuation, I would make sure that my entire team, including our dog colleague Dante, got out of the building in good order and sound. ”

Eta Aneta Kapuciánová, PR and Internal Communication Manager, Seznam.cz (photo below)

“Your refillable water bottle. Surely thirst after the fire. ”

Lud Ondrej Ludvik, Intern Project Development, Skanska Property

“First and foremost, of course, I would encourage colleagues to stop working exceptionally. Then I would prefer to save my work laptop. If I had time left and had my hands free, I would take a meter and a half tall fragrant dragon out, which we recently accepted as a new "green" colleague in our office. "

Š Josef Šachta, CEO and Co-Founder, Sharry Europe  (photo below)

"I'd take my cell phone with me to check if the other colleagues are out there."

Kož Lucie Kožová, Development Specialist, Vodafone

“If the fire started, I'd definitely take my cell phone with me. I have a lot of things in it that I can hardly replace. ”

Adam Hejduk, Legal Assistant, Císař, Češka, Smutný (AKCCS)

"I would definitely take my glasses, without them I won't take a step."

Mach Petra Machartová, Marketing & Communication Specialist, Skanska Property  (photo below)

“Does it have to be a thing? When I think about it, it's definitely a team. Nothing else in my office is irreplaceable. I'd look into the meeting rooms, all the jobs around me and run away with the others. ”

⇪ Lenka Franců, Operations Director, Czechitas

Source: www.morethanoffice.eu