What is brainstorming

Have you ever heard the word brainstorming and asked yourself what it is? Or are you already familiar with this term, but you don't know what procedure to follow and what rules to follow? Brainstorming is a group technique that helps to create ideas. It is also commonly referred to as an idea exchange, or you can meet the name of creative or convergent thinking.

It is based on group performance, so if the whole team is not working properly, the overall result is also at risk. The whole idea of ​​brainstorming is that a group can think of a lot more ideas than an individual because they can respond to the suggestions of other team members.

Brainstorming is a group method for generating as many ideas as possible. By being able to respond to the impulses of others, teammates probably think more than an individual.

Brainstorming is nothing new under the sun

Brainstorming has roots firmly embedded in the past and has since been used by employees of different companies in different sectors. Exactly eighty years ago, in 1939, an advertising worker, Alex Faickney Osborn , came up with this idea After inventing this original group technique, he developed it 14 years later in his book Applied Imagination.

At the time of publishing the book, nothing has prevented brainstorming from being applied in many sectors. And so even though the brainstorming was born in the shop, he started to use it in marketing, management, business, as well as research.

In addition, you do not need to brainstorm only at work, but you can also deal with things that affect the whole household. Especially in situations to which everyone in the family should express themselves. What do we mean? For example, you can work with family members to see if the black work you get paid for is worth the risk. Or anything else. Brainstorming can be used practically anywhere, where it is necessary to find the best possible idea and procedure.

Brainstorming has been known for 80 years and was born in the shop. However, shortly after its inception, it has found application in virtually all sectors.

When does brainstorming make sense

What is the meaning of brainstorming? So first of all come in the group for as many ideas as possible. Even a bad idea can inspire other team members and encourage the creation of new ideas. But in order to do so, it is necessary to proceed correctly and, above all, to avoid any restrictions. Brainstorming only makes sense if the following principles are followed:

You will create a pleasant atmosphere All ideas are welcome Nobody criticizes anyone Everything is written

Brainstorming only makes sense when all restrictions are ruled out and the flow of ideas of all team members is encouraged.

4 principles

If you want to encourage all team members to create ideas, you need to create a creative climate. All involved must feel good. In this case, quantity is more important than quality at first. Ideas are based on the suggestions of others, creating the best solutions. But be careful not to have a "team leader" in the group, over whose dominant views are not heard by others.

But no one can criticize or judge the team members All participants need to be equal, not to feel that they have said something stupid. There is nothing worse than letting ideas that can inspire others for yourself. And most importantly write down all the ideas. Feel free to identify one member to record all thoughts. And ideally on the board so everyone else can see ideas.

It is important to have a pleasant atmosphere, to assure the team members that no idea is wrong. Do not judge aa not to criticize and especially write down all ideas.

The method is not just one

There is a method to use from a particular problem and team. Imagine some examples. If you want to deal with a situation in which you do not feel comfortable, it is good to step out of your role and “change your identity”. The rolestorming method is appropriate for this.

It is good to use brainwriting in a group where a dominant individual would not let other team members speak. The 6-3-5 method is dynamic, with 6 participants writing 3 concise and complete ideas in 5 minutes, repeating the process several times. Some groups generate more ideas if they are motivated. A good tool is the so-called gamification, the mechanism of games in everyday life.

What are we trying to say? In short, you need to choose a brainstorming technique based on the problem you are solving and what are the people who solve it. In addition, if you follow the principles we have presented to you, you will be surprised by the result.

There are different techniques of brainstorming. For example, in teams where someone is dominant, try brainwriting.

Why not try it

Brainstorming also earned criticism, for example, in Productivity Loss In Brainstorming Groups. It mainly concerns motivation, performance blocking and apprehension. That is, the factors that can be almost completely or completely eliminated when properly executed.

But why not try brainstorming? It is a simple and fast technique that costs you nothing and can be more effective than other tools. So surprise us and yourself and come up with a new and fresh idea!

Source: www.vimvic.cz