The project, divided into two blocks, will be built on the border of the Bohunice and Starý Lískovec districts of Brno, in close proximity to the Masaryk University campus and the Brno University Hospital. The dominant of the project will be the twenty-story corner building in Block A, which is to be the opposite of the hospital building across the street.

"The corner high-rise building, together with the dormitory building of the FN Brno, creates the motif of a gate characterizing the entrance to the city. This is one of the few places in Brno where it was possible to build such a tall building," said Petr Pelčák, co-author of the proposal and a partner in the architectural firm Pelčák and partner architekti.

Most of the four hundred planned apartments will be located in the same part as the high-rise landmark. These will complement the residential units adapted to student housing, which will be located in the second block. "Student units are about sixteen square meters, about two and a half meters wide with a small kitchen. A dorm room is approaching. These units include a large social background where students can spend time together," described the founder of the Domoplan development company Tomáš Vavřík.

Apartment prices will range from 90,000 to 105,000 crowns per square meter. Block A will also include a private polyclinic for specialized fields of medicine. "Due to the proximity of the university campus, we intend to create a space where there would be a clinic with a selected specialization for graduates of the nearby medical faculty who are starting their practice," explains Josef Molnár, chief project manager of Domoplan. The premises of the polyclinic will occupy an area of more than a thousand square meters.

"Our goal is not only to build a residential complex that will be depopulated during the day and people will only return to it in the evening. Both planned blocks will be multifunctional so that people can find everything they need in them," explained Vavřík, reflecting on the project.

Therefore, the blocks will also include generous office spaces, including eleven coworking units with an area of 1,400 square meters. The ground floor will offer cafes, restaurants and other commercial spaces for trade and services facing a generous pedestrian zone that will connect the two blocks. In the inner block, residents will find a private park.

According to assumptions, the first residents could move in in 2027. Creditas Real Estate, which owns the neighboring plot, is also calculating with the same timetable. In the project, which is divided into five stages, it expects to have up to nine hundred residential units for sale and rent. Commercial spaces and civic amenities will also be part of the complex, which is to be called the Western Gate. This project is also to have a dominant height of seventeen floors above ground.

The management of the city district has reservations about both projects. In the past, it required both high-rise buildings to be lowered and correspond with the surrounding eight-story blocks of flats. The reason is the concern about the sufficient transport capacity of the already very busy location. In addition, 250 urban apartments are expected to be built in the future, which should be occupied by people from the necessary professions, such as firefighters or nurses.

The complex, the construction of which will be provided by a private investor, will be built on city land. Originally, it was supposed to be a subsidiary of Česká spořitelna, but the city has to issue a concession procedure, which it is currently preparing. The selection should take place in October at the earliest. According to the overall territorial study, up to 3,400 new residents should be added to the area in the future.