Problems, problems

We won't lie to anything. If companies order a company that should design, implement and deliver the interior, it is a lot of worry. In addition to the huge cost to the company, it often also means failure to meet delivery dates and rising costs. Is there such a thing to prevent? The Czech Republic is slowly discovering the beauty of Design & Build services.

Desing & Build is a popular service abroad. Czechs are just beginning to discover her beauty.

What is Design & Build

Design & Build is a service from a single contractor that delivers the design, implementation and delivery of turnkey commercial interiors to companies. Offshore tenants and contractors normally work together abroad , even a very popular form of cooperation.

This trend is slowly getting into the Czech Republic and its main task is to save tenants costs, but also to make the whole interior more efficient and to comply with the construction schedule, which is a rarity in the Czech Republic. With Design & Build, you can also achieve transparent communication between the two parties, where the client and the supplier can trust each other.

Save costs for tenants, streamline the implementation of the entire interior and follow the schedule. That's Design & Build.

Comparison to a sports team

CAPEXUS's Daniel Matula also commented on this trend “Design & Build can be likened to a well-coordinated sports team. The architectural design, project documentation, permission from the authorities, construction work and furniture delivery realize one team of one supplier and assume complete guarantees for each stage of the work.

According to the fit-out specialist, these are just some of the benefits behind the service. CAPEXUS has been trying to bring this trend closer to its customers for 7 years, since its launch on the Czech market.

CAPEXUS compares this service to a well-coordinated sports team where they all cooperate.

How it looks in practice

But how does Design & Build work in practice? Normally you start with interior design companies by sitting over a floor plan. But it should be different. Or at least CAPEXUS will definitely not start working with a client just over similar studies.

It is important to understand the philosophy of the company, what the overall style of client work looks like and how the tenant has a vision for the future. All this must be empathically perceived by the interior designer. Therefore, Design & Build is primarily committed to linking corporate culture to a specific rental space that has limited technical capabilities.

CAPEXUS strives to understand the company's philosophy, which then adapts the overall interior design.

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Being one step ahead is worth it

CAPEXUS Architect Jakub Seč even thinks and advises employers to be cautious when choosing the space itself: "It is best to contact the Design & Builder at the stage of finding a suitable premises for the future headquarters or showroom to make sure that your ideas are in accordance with the space. ”

It may be worthwhile for the company to contact the Design & Build provider when choosing a location.

Choose from more options

In the first moment, the so-called spaceplan design comes up. After its approval, the so-called cost plan is discussed, which has the task of determining the preliminary costs that the lessee will have to spend in implementing and equipping the interiors . In particular, clients can appreciate the fact that the cost plan is prepared in several price variants. The good thing is that the solution can be chosen with regard to the budget, which can often be given by the headquarters or limited due to events in the company.

The process continues by arranging a coordination meeting with the tenant and architect, designer and project manager. At this meeting, both sides are already talking about specific things. Thus, what will be the whole project and the time schedule for both sides.

The client communicates with the supplier the specific form of the project and the time schedule. It also has a choice of multiple price options.

Cost savings

The fact that a team of experts has been put together from the first stage in the initial preparation phase has several advantages. First and foremost, a considerable amount of money can be saved to the investor because they do not have to pay external workers and their often high margins. The advantage is also easier coordination, because team colleagues know each other well. They know, according to which methodology they are supposed to work and thus move the whole project faster to its completion.

But what is most important is the fact that the Design & Build provider saves the client a lot of worries by presenting him with one final solution for multiple professions at the same time. Thus, there are no individual suppliers, as in the case of ordinary partial works. This leads to the absence of problems in the form of misunderstandings and the transfer of responsibility between architects, designers and the contractor.

Already in the initial phase of the project, a team of experts has been set up, which is very well coordinated.

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The next step is the project

Is it difficult to implement such a project and how is it going? Specifically, CAPEXUS, its interior designers, will prepare a complete office design with the client. As soon as the client approves the design, the Design & Build service provider comes up with a ready-made building budget. The client can then use this budget to verify the price of the work.

The coordinator of the construction realization is again in charge of the Design & Build guarantor. He and his client set up regular coordination meetings or check days directly at the interior, where they can discuss everything they need.

The client and guarantor of the Design & Build service regularly speak at coordination meetings or control days directly at the interior.

Thanks to Design & Build company will save

The benefits that no one can challenge at Design & Build are the operating costs and user-friendliness that the future interior will offer to the company's employees. The already mentioned architects and designers have a lot of experience because they specialize in commercial interiors. He knows best how to use materials and technologies in a given space, while taking maximum consideration of employee comfort, maintenance and operating costs.

Of course there are economical lighting technologies , cleverly controlled cooling or shielding. Therefore, clients will save in the future as they will not have to spend money on unnecessary square meters of office and lighting that no one needs. Everything is designed functionally and variably.

With Design & Build, clients will save in the future when they don't have to pay for unnecessary and unnecessary square meters of office and lighting.

Design, important concept

In this concept, design is not merely an architectural design. The word design in the title of the service described brings the whole vision and concept of the interior to the whole project But this can only be achieved with a comprehensive concept of the entire service, which can be realized thanks to coordinated construction activities.

CAPEXUS concludes with Daniel Matula: “The delivery of finished interiors within Design & Build does not stop us.The proposed solutions are verified by real space, plus the interior and client needs are evolving in connection with the development of its teams. We stay in touch with the client for the next months and years, while also gaining valuable feedback for other interiors. ”

If you are interested in the service and you like the ideas of this company, do not hesitate to look at CAPEXUS, its joboffers and change the space of big companies and startups.