The A4 building is the final link in the transformation of the former 19th century site into a premium multi-functional 21st century destination. Its completion is planned for the turn of 2023/2024 and will complete the revitalization of the Ponávka area, where a unique complex of residential, commercial and industrial buildings was created. The project will offer 25,000 m2 of office space on its 13 floors, which will be complemented by small shops, showrooms and restaurants on the lower floors.

The project is designed in accordance with the highest sustainability requirements. It will offer smart solutions for working with rain and gray water and world-class technologies. There will be light systems, whose autonomous behavior reacting to sunlight and movement in the object will significantly support energy saving, as well as its own photovoltaic power plant or a unique ventilation and air exchange system, guaranteeing the highest possible comfort. The building will also complement the dynamic community environment of Ponávka aesthetically. Studio acht is behind its design, as well as the urban concept of the Ponávka area.

Michal Dospěl, CTP regional project manager, commented:

"A4 is the last of the buildings that will be built on the original brownfield and completes the revitalization of the Ponávka area. After that, we only have to grind the diamond in the form of the C5 building, which will be a trace of history in the modern architecture of the new building. It will be very impressive in its form and functions. We will be able to offer our clients cutting-edge technologies that will make their work more efficient and make their stay in the building more pleasant, while maintaining high sustainability standards.”

Václav Hlaváček, architect of Studio Acht, commented:

"This is already the umpteenth project on which we cooperate with CTP, and I continue to be proud of our results. The A4 building is a mixture of the most modern architectural elements that perfectly underline the unique environment of the given location. In addition to the functional design combining aluminum and glass, the building also boasts a system of smart and sustainable elements that place it high among the most modern office buildings in our country."

As part of the long-term restoration of the area around the Ponávka River, CTP is also working on other projects. He is currently working with the city of Brno to build a modern park, which will be created through the reclamation of city land and CTP land. The developer will contribute 5 million crowns to the project for 30 million crowns, and after its completion, he will lend his land to the city free of charge for 30 years. Completion of the park is planned by the end of this year. A cycle path connecting the Ponávka and Vlněna campuses will also lead to the new park, the construction of the third stage of which is now being started by CTP.

Markéta Vaňková, the mayor of the city of Brno, said:

"CTP has been involved in the development of the city for a long time and brings here a diverse range of projects. In addition to modern buildings, he also takes care of their surroundings and helps us create attractive spaces in Brno. We are currently collaborating with CTP on the recultivation of the surroundings of the Stará Ponávka stream, where a new city park in the English style is being created. As part of the project, the meander of the river will also be restored, thus connecting the industrial history of the area with its modern use. I believe that this is not the last joint project."

"With CTP, we have already managed to build important projects in the past that help Brno to be a modern city. The park at Škrobárenská Street will complement the Mariacela park, which we built in 2019 and with which Brno participated in the final of the Adapterra Awards competition. The importance of nature and greenery for the city of Brno is also underlined by the fact that, thanks to the New Parks for Brno program, we will build approximately 50 new parks and green areas in the following years. I am glad that within the Škrobárenská Park, bicycle transport is also being considered and two important areas will be connected," said Petr Hladík, 1st Deputy Mayor of the City of Brno.