Czechs trust their co-workers. Two-thirds of them would have left their wallet or house keys on their desk when they left. More than half of the employees leave their keys and wallet in their purse and do not lock them anywhere. Also, 28% of people have no problem communicating their computer password to their colleagues. Trust does not pay off: 10% of respondents have seen theft or unexplained loss of personal belongings in the workplace over the last 12 months.

But alarmingly, nearly 11% of employees copy the keys of their existing office. “As easy as they do their own things, Czechs also access their employer's data and assets. They often lose keys or access chips and cards from companies and then have copies of lost keys made, ”says Martin Šedivý, Director of ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia, commenting on the results of the survey. According to him, in the case of copying keys there is a significant security risk for the employer.

The key to work? I just copy it!

This is a surprisingly common phenomenon. Almost 11% of employees have copied their employment key one or more times. “Common keys are not a very appropriate or safe way to protect access to businesses. The keys are lost and copied completely beyond the employer's control, ”says Martin Šedivý, adding:“ Nobody searches for lost keys, locks are usually not replaced, and the employer quickly loses track of the number of existing keys and their holders. ”

Businesses still use keys, but people want change

The keys to access the workplace are still most often used. They are used by almost half (49%) of companies, followed by chips (25%) and card door systems (24%). These provide a significantly higher level of protection, as they can be easily deactivated in case of loss and cannot be copied in the normal way. And losses are common. Every seventh Czech (14%) has lost a key, card or chip from work. At the same time, electronic systems have a big advantage: 45% of respondents said they had experienced such a situation and deactivated the card or chip without any problems. This is also reflected in the perception of convenience of individual access systems - at about the same level are perceived chips (28%), keys (25%) and cards (21%). Only a quarter of respondents perceive the keys as comfortable, but they are used in half of the companies. It can therefore be said that a large number of users perceive them as uncomfortable.

“The card system, such as Aperio from ASSA ABLOY, not only provides protection against unauthorized access, but also allows better control over the movement of people by monitoring and reporting every use of the access card. If an employee leaves the company, their card can be simply deactivated. The solution is equally simple in case of card loss, ”explains Michal Weinhauer, Aperio expert at ASSA ABLOY, and continues:“ Aperio is wireless so you can install it in listed buildings or in modern design interiors. Installing the lock takes only a few minutes, its battery lasts approximately two years of operation. ”

The survey was conducted by IPSOS for ASSA ABLOY in June 2019 on a sample of 525 people working in Czech offices .


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