Currently, the interest in shared spaces is so high that Spaces allows you to tailor the offer to the prevailing business in each district. And think about further expansion. “ We are mainly in demand from large, usually international companies. It is attractive for them to combine their own offices and shared spaces. Employees appreciate the variability associated with the program and service. Management is satisfied with the fact that it only pays for used meters and hours, ” says Karel Pelán, Country Manager Spaces for the Czech Republic and Slovakia , which marks a wave of interest in coworking and a flexible working system as“ enormous ”.

Currently, it is hardly possible to find a larger company on the Czech labor market that would not at least partially use coworking premises. If it does not happen on a daily level, they go to co-work for lectures or training courses. However, it is very common that internal meetings take place in shared spaces or foreign members of the company can find facilities there . Alternatively, a team dedicated to a special project will be "locked" for a few months. At least this is shown by Spaces' current practice, where freelancers or start-up projects make up a lower percentage.

Karel Pelán also dispels the idea that large corporations "settle" their employees among other coworkers to benefit from a creative and friendly atmosphere. " Shared spaces, libraries, cafes or relaxation nooks are, of course, a welcome and enjoyable bonus. But the basis for meeting efficiency requirements, including work efficiency, is their own offices. That is why Spaces also forms the basis, ” explains Karel Pelán , who also has numerous experience thanks to the operation of 14 centers serviced by Regus offices in Prague, Brno and Ostrava.

Spaces - JFK

Even with respect to the superiority of international corporations, Spaces puts a great deal of emphasis on cutting-edge technological facilities, maximum interior design, pleasant design or multilingual services. Depending on which city district of Prague the local specificity will be taken into account. Mainly with regard to the focus of clients. “ Specifically, this means that in Smíchoff building in Prague 5 and Nile House in Karlín we are more prepared for the specific needs of mainly ICT companies. While in Albatros and Park View Prague 4 the demand of consulting, financial or business companies prevails, ” adds Karel Pelán .

Moreover, the presence of a coworking center is also very positively perceived by developers, investors or real estate brokers. They can place part of the capacity of another tenant from the building into Spaces. Spaces will satisfy any type of demand, even if it is a combination of several Prague districts or world capitals. And even such requirements, especially companies in the production or logistics sector, are emerging…

Spaces can be used to rent a desk, office or entire floor. Candidates also have annual membership that is not fixed to a specific location or building. In both cases, 24/7 access is guaranteed. Clients are very acknowledged that the Spaces Network can be used as its own, wherever it is in the world.

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