The concrete squeegee will give the interior an informal look. Aktive Comfort housing for sliding doors. ME P

The time when concrete screeds appeared only in technical rooms is long gone. On the contrary, they are applied in spaces that represent the owner's lifestyle. 
They can be applied to almost all types of substrate, including plasterboard, and can also be colored to obtain a variety of shades. Easy to maintain, resistant to mechanical stress. However, the problems were caused by moisture, so the bathroom began to use betonepox, a very hard spatula, which resists water in the shower.

The trendy concrete trowel and concealed Aktive door frame cast the interior with a secret door. ME P


The identical surface of the wall and the door leaf is interesting. The Emotive Standard housing has a fine door frame. ME P

The secret door 
The Master door can disappear completely in the decorative concrete spatula applied to the interior wall. The coarse structure can continue smoothly on the door leaf surface. “Don't forget to have hidden doors in the door. A visible border in the form of a classic cover could reveal your secret door. The concealed doorframe Aktive is completely hidden in the partition, the door leaf continues smoothly in the wall appearance, ”says JAP's Petr Paksi. “Rooms - they look the same from the visual side and again fit with the partition, which can also be bricked from SDK profiles,” adds Petr Paksi.

BETON EFFECT is easy to use and easy to use. All you need to do is mix the paint properly after purchase. PRIMALEX

With the effect of raw concrete The 
industrial appearance of the interior can also be highlighted by the coating with the effect of natural raw concrete with its characteristic structure. Even a layman can apply a ready-to-use coating. All you need to do is mix the paint properly after purchase. Experts in a specialist store shade the desired shade.

Everyone has a different technique, the result will always be unique. PRIMALEX

The power of detail 
Concrete can also excel in small building details, such as concrete switch frames and sockets. These are made from a special blend with the presence of polyvinyl alcohol fibers that give the product a higher strength. The product's overall attractiveness is also supported by the characteristic porous structure of the concrete mixture. The frames stand out in a smooth paint as opposed to the wall with a concrete spatula. Tune the interior to the last detail

Industrial concrete has impressed the Retro switch. HORIZON

The Decente switch has a concrete cover. HORIZON